Ali Wong on New Film ‘Beef’, Co-Star Steven Yeun and More


We also hear George’s mother, Fumi, comment that the interior design of Amy and George’s home – which is dominated by hard lines and edges – could use curves to humanize the space. She also points out that Amy designed the house. Does that also play into how Amy’s expression choices, her desire to be that person she thinks she should be, ultimately limits her?

Yes, it was the same with the production designer, or art director, Grace Yun. Oh my god, she’s so amazing. So there are those wooden slats in Amy’s house – remember? – right next to the stairs. And I also have wooden slats in my house.

A lot of Amy’s house was inspired by my own personal home, and when I got on set I was like, “Hmm, why are those wooden slats so different?” And Grace said, “Well, I’ve spaced them out a bit more so that, while they look very Zen-like, they also make your house look like a cage.”

So I always had that feeling, once I dressed up and got on set, where I felt like I was in a cage. But no one but me could see it or feel it, you know? And it made me feel a little lonely. So I have to give credit to those people for really helping me get into character.


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