Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 16 and final boss fight guide

resident Evil 4The 16th and final chapter of Leon finally gets Leon and Ashley off the island after she saves Leon at the end of chapter 15.

OUR Resident Evil 4 going through the Chapter 16 walkthrough again will make sure you don’t miss anything from the beginning of the chapter until Luis’ laboratorythe (ruined) Sanctuary, Loading docksTHE Osmund Sadler boss fightAnd Underground passage.

Escape the Island // Luis’ Laboratory

After Ashley saves Leon’s life, you will start in Luis’ laboratory.

When you have regained control, turn right. Take it first aid sprayand break the crate for some rifle ammo. Take it Las Plagas Eradication Methods And Group photo files in the table on the right. Continue right for another crate with resources (S) And pesetas and pick it up saddler’s animosity table file.

Proceed clockwise to the computer for the Amber file, and the computer opposite for the Emails to file.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looks at a treasure lantern just outside Luis' lab.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Push the doors. As soon as you exit, look at the ceiling for a Treasure Lantern.

The treasure inside will fall on the catwalk, so we’ll have to grab it in a minute. There’s nothing else to pick up, so push Ashley onto the crates along the left side so she can knock down a ladder for you.

Resident Evil 4 remaps Luis' lab to the final trading room with a marked path and items.

Chart: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Climb up, and go catch the blue velvet you just shot down. Follow the hallway to the left for a crate with gunpowder. Head to the door on the right and grab the rifle ammo And resources (S). Break the barrels near the door to pesetas And gunpowder.

Go through the door.


Resident Evil 4 remake using the Biosensor Scope to find novistadors in the Ruined Sanctuary

Image: Capcom via Polygon

This door takes you back to a balcony overlooking the Sanctuary. Stand in front of the railing in front of you and use the Biosensor Scope to check for cloaked Novistadors. Take a right and go down the ledges at the end. Keep following the path.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon approaching the altar in the Collapsed Sanctuary

Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the first intersection, turn left and go under the fallen pillar. Keep going until you reach the altar. On the right, take the Final Chapter of the Iluminados file, then go to the monolith behind the altar to find the Illuminados pendant. Loop back and read the inscription for the Origin Monolith to file.

Return to the intersection and cross to the other side. Climb the ledges at the end of the path. Just before the doors, look for gunpowder on the railing to your left.

Through the doors, follow the tunnel again. When you jump the low wall, two novistadors are waiting for you.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon is approaching the final merchant hall.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the end of the hall, opposite the merchant’s room, open the treasure chest for a Gold bar.

Merchant (for the last time)

In the merchant’s room, take the gunpowder right shelves and smash the two crates to pesetas And resources (S).

Sell Luis’ keyTHE Illuminados pendantand the Gold bar. This is your last visit to the merchant, so feel free to sell all the gems for the extra money if you’re not going to play again. If you plan on coming back for more, though, keep them – all of your inventory carries over to the new game.

If you haven’t already, buy it Bullet proof vest – it’s just extra health for the upcoming boss fight.

Buy any tune up and save. It’s time to end this.

Loading Docks // Osmund Saddler (final boss fight)

Head outside and to the left. Stop at binocular sight to spot Ada. Go left into the elevator. After the cutscene (which brings the vital count to three for Ada and one for Leon), you’ll have to face the mutant Osmund Sellier.

Luckily (and ickily), he’s covered in glowing yellow eyeball faint spots.

How to beat the final boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The fight against Saddler is both simple (shoot the various eyeballs) and boring (he moves around a lot, hits hard, and summons a swarm of novistadors).

Resident Evil 4 remake loading docks boss battle arena map with marked items.

Chart: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

The loading docks level you start on is basically a straight hallway, so your maneuverability will be limited. You can, however, run under him (like in El Gigante fights).

We’ll drop down to the lower level in a second so there’s more room to move (escape), but for now, stay here – there are several barrels, crates, and items to grab. Once you’re pretty sure you have everything (while also shooting Saddler), drop the platform heading north. The lower level is a large upside-down U that gives you a lot more options for running away. However, Saddler will periodically high jump and crush a section of the docks, destroying them and removing some of your options.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon approaches a collapsed Saddler to stab him in the eye

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Your objective for now is just to hit his eyeballs – destroying two will stun him and you’ll have a chance to run and stab him in his eyeball mouth (raw).

During the first part of this fight, keep shooting the knee eyeballs and stabbing him in the eyes whenever you can. There are a few explosive barrels scattered around to help you out.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon trying to avoid one of Saddler's tail attacks

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Keep an eye on the elude fast. This will allow you to dodge Saddler’s (surprisingly damaging) tail attacks.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon stands to prepare for a charge attack

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Also watch for Saddler to rear up – he’ll charge at you right after. Do your best to run away and step aside when he does this.

Resident Evil 4 remake using rifle and scope to shoot Saddler when he leaps towards the tower

Image: Capcom via Polygon

When you deal enough damage, Saddler will jump to a tower in the middle of the docks, then summon a plot of the novelists. If you have the ammo, use a rifle to shoot his eyeballs when he’s up there. He will do this several times during the fight.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon fleeing Saddler and his swarm of Novistadors

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Do your best to keep moving forward and ignore as many Novistadors as possible – when Saddler comes down he’ll kill plenty as collateral. Try to focus on Saddler.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon Fleeing Saddler's Acid Spit Attack

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Saddler has two acid spit moves: a horizontal sweep attack and a three-part vertical attack. Dive under (or try to) the horizontal and avoid the vertical.

After enough eyeball shots, Saddler will fall off the docks and phase two will begin. It’s much simpler.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon faces Saddler's final mutation

Image: Capcom via Polygon

There’s only one giant, glowing weak spot now, and you only have a few movement steps in any direction. Switch to your most powerful weapon (we used the Stingray without the scope) and start unloading into it.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon dodging a tentacle attack in the final phase of the Saddler fight

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Two pointed tentacles will appear in front of you. If the tentacle stays straight up and down, it will snap along one of the sides (whichever side it’s on) – you just have to dodge it. If the tentacle twists a little, it will slide horizontally and you will have to elude he.

Resident Evil 4 remakes the special rocket launcher that Ada gives Leon at the end of the fight

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Ada will return to drop the rocket launcher (special). Shoot it in the weak spot to end the fight.

Island Escape // Underpass

Once the fight is over, you’ll get another cutscene, and then a countdown to the island blowing up will begin.

When the elevator stops you will have a path in front of you. There are no turns, so we’ll just call out the objects as you pass. A few steps away there is a Green herb on your left – just before the last typewriter.

After the left turn, the path will start to crumble. Right after that, the tunnel opens up a bit. Ignore the guy who walks through the door in front of you and enter – and also ignore all the rest of the soldiers writhing there.

Resident Evil 4 remake Underground Passage Clockwork Castellan 16 of 16 location

Clockwork Castellan 16 of 16 location.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Just past the truck, there’s a green forklift on the right. Turn around and face him to find the last Clockwork Castellan 16 out of 16 on the crates just to the left. You will get the Wind-Up Revolution achievement or trophy when you get all 16 – and you can buy the Primal Knife in the main menu’s additional content store (his exclusive upgrade makes him indestructible).

Continue through the door and to the next corner where you’ll have to push on a metal cabinet for a painfully long time.

At the next corner you will come to the water scooter that Ada gave you Sea scooter key For.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon and Ashley driving the sea scooter through a tunnel to escape the island

Image: Capcom via Polygon

The next section is the spectacular Leon and Ashley waterfall with lots of very fast boats through collapsing tunnels. There’s not much subtlety here – accelerate with R2 on the straights and let go during the turns.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon and Ashley floating on a jet ski after escaping the island

Image: Capcom via Polygon

In the end, Leon and Ashley (literally) drive off into the sunset. And then there’s a post-credits scene, as well as a post-post-credits scene.

And it’s a wrap on the Resident Evil 4 redo. Be sure to check out the rest of our Resident Evil 4 redo guides for any Requests, Files, Treasures, or Clockwork Castellans you missed.


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