Every Power-Up in the Super Mario Bros. Movie (and what they do)

Super Mushrooms. One of the gags of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is that Mario hates mushrooms on Earth. In the fantasy world of the Mushroom Kingdom, where most of the film’s action takes place, raw mushrooms are a convenient way to get stronger. When Mario eats one, he grows a foot taller and gains the ability to leap to new heights. Red mushrooms are the most common bonuses in Mario games, which make the character grow and jump higher. In “Super Mario Bros. 2” (1988), mushrooms also added a point to a player’s life gauge. In “Mario Kart” racing games, mushrooms give a temporary speed boost. In “Mario Party” games, they add points to a dice roll. In “Paper Mario” games, they restore hit points. Mushrooms are, in Mario lore, a handy panacea.

Mini Mushrooms. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” also contains blue-headed mushrooms which, when eaten, shrink the consumer to miniature size. Mushrooms are a bit like the “eat me” and “drink me” candies from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Mini Mushrooms first appeared in the 2004 game “Mario Pinball Land”, where they shrunk Mario to a size that allowed him to maneuver through smaller passages. In “New Super Mario Bros.” (2006), mini mushrooms allowed the player to jump higher, float in the air, and run on the surface of water. In the movie, they are seen as having no advantage.

fire flowers: On a few occasions, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” characters brush their fingers against local flora, infusing them with firethrower powers. Both Peach and Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) use fire as a camping aid and as a combat weapon. This item, like the mushroom, has appeared in nearly every Mario game since 1985.


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