Ela Ozturk Releases Emotional New Single “Healing”

Ela Ozturk has just unveiled his latest single, “Healing”, an intimate and powerful ode to move on from a love that no longer serves you. The track combines a soothing melody with Ela’s raw, honest vocals and is available now on all major digital platforms around the world.

In “Healing,” Ozturk takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride, blending delicate, angelic beats with hard-hitting lyrics focusing on the difficult process of letting go of past love. Asked about the inspiration behind the song, Ozturk explained, “‘Healing’ is about continually coming back to a love that no longer serves you and accepting the fact that you can’t heal where you hurt yourself. It’s about choose to let go even if it’s painful because in the end, you know it’s more painful to stay.Written by Ela Ozturk, Morgan Clae and Tommy Sanker, “Healing” was produced by Morgan Clae and mixed by Tommy Sancker.

Ela Ozturk, a Turkish-American singer-songwriter from the Bay Area, has had a passion for music since a young age. Encouraged by her father, Ozturk immersed herself in various genres, artists and musical movements, finding inspiration in pop, jazz, blues and R&B. As a result, she developed a unique sound and powerful storytelling abilities that quickly gained traction in the music industry. With the support of outlets such as Ones To Watch, Prelude Press and FEMMUSIC, Ela Ozturk continues to make waves on the pop scene.

In “Healing,” Ozturk offers a heartfelt farewell to old love, pairing soft nuance with ethereal sounds that evoke the relatable experience of unrequited love and the longing for closure. To download or stream “Healing”, visit all major digital platforms around the world. For updates on Ela Ozturk’s musical journey, follow her on Instagram at @Ela_Ozturk.


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