WATCH ‘Saturday Night Live’ parody Donald Trump during Cold Open

Saturday night, “Saturday Night Live” decided to joke about the recently indicted former US president donald trump.

On Thursday night, the POTUS alum was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury on more than thirty counts related to business fraud. It is the first time in US history that a US president – current or former – has faced criminal charges.

The SNL cast couldn’t help but seize the historic moment as they spoofed the event during the cold open, which included James Austin Johnson like Donald Trump.

WATCH Donald Trump’s Newly Indicted ‘Saturday Night Live’ Parody During Cold Open

In a six-minute skit, James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump opens the video by quoting Taylor Swift and the lyrics to his hit song “Anti-Hero,” saying, “It’s me. Hi. I am the problem. It’s me.”

“Well, folks, it happened, I was charged, or as I spell it, stated,” Johnson said, referring to Trump’s viral typo. “Honestly, it’s time for me to be honest and admit that I broke the law and go to jail quietly.” He pauses for a moment before adding: “April Fools!”

“It was a prank. I was doing a Jim of Office,” he continued, drawing more laughter from the audience. “But don’t get me wrong, what the radical left Democrats are doing to me is worse than any crime that I have ever committed, and I have committed many. Almost 34.

Former President Trump joins Texas Governor Abbott at the unfinished border wall

Trump has admitted he needs his supporters’ money “more than ever”, before presenting the new album he is producing to raise funds.

“Now you may have seen that I opened my gatherings with my wonderful song, ‘Justice for All,’ which I performed with the J6 Choir. It’s a very real thing. Very disturbing,” said he continued. “It was the #1 downloaded song. We beat ‘Flowers’ by Miley, which as we all know is about Liam.

James Austin Johnson attempts to sing as Donald Trump in ‘SNL’ cold open

NYPD expected to protect Trump towers tomorrow as part of Donald Trump indictment

“My song made so much money, I thought, why stop there?” he said before presenting his new album entitled “Now That’s What I Call Me Legal Defense Fund” AKA Trump Bops. After attempting to sing, Trump went on to explain that the album featured “30 classic covers…all awful.”

Trump said the album was created to help “your favorite president defend our movement, and especially myself, against the evil Manhattan Daw,” reading the district attorney’s abbreviation DA in one word.

Former President Trump joins Texas Governor Abbott at the unfinished border wall

Later in the skit, Trump brings up performers Don King (played by “SNL” veteran Kenan Thompson), as they attempt “Islands in the Stream” and his son Don Jr. (played by Mikey Day), as they try to play a duet of “Boy’s a Liar”.

Trump ended the musical skit by telling the audience, “I’ll see you on Tuesday. Will be wild. Many fans praised Johnson’s Trump parody. “He really perfected the body language, mannerisms and speaking pattern. damn good,” one fan commented. “His impression is great. Everything – his looks, his mannerisms and his voice, is perfect!!! Very entertaining,” agreed another follower.

Fans have nothing but love for former POTUS’ SNL Cold Open parody!

Former US President Donald Trump

“We’ve been waiting YEARS for when we’d have the SNL & Trumps indication cold open! And the fact that it airs on 4/1?! WONDERFUL!” another follower wrote, referring to the fact that the episode aired on April Fool’s Day.

“Love the Alec impersonation but THIS is so good. Not just an attempt to look like Trump but a very accurate impression,” another fan commented, referring to the actor Alec Baldwinwho posed as Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live”.

“Hard to prank someone who is already obviously ridiculous but SNL manages to nail it,” another fan commented. “James Austin Johnson’s Trump voice is extremely accurate. Her impersonation is the best,” another follower wrote.

Former President Trump joins Texas Governor Abbott at the unfinished border wall

“When I first heard him a long time ago, my mom was watching him do his Trump thing from another room, so I didn’t see him, so I asked ‘what is the ‘orange said this time’ she had to explain to me that it’s not really trump it’s how precise his voice is,” another fan shared.

“And he keeps getting better too. I wasn’t convinced at first, but if you compare now and his first time on SNL as Trump, there’s a huge improvement,” another follower replied.

With the news of Trump’s indictment only intensifying, James Austin Johnson will have a lot more time to perfect his impression of Trump for the next parody that’s sure to come in the future!


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