Phones on movie sets have ruined socializing

Whether it’s doing leisure activities or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, too often you’ll see people on their phones and not enjoying the moment.

Film actor Hugh Grant revealed that director Tarantino banned phones from his set, and that’s very true too,” Grant said. “And the people there, they all fuck each other, so I’m told.”

Hugh Grant wants actors to start getting drunk and falling in love again on movie sets.

Grant admitted that the actors didn’t spend much time playing the tabletop role-playing game that inspired the film. In his view, this had less to do with disinterest in acting than a climate that discourages off-duty socializing on movie sets.

“I think Chris Pine tried sometimes. We talked about it, but I don’t know,” Grant said. “The movies are so weird now. They’re weird because it used to be, at the end of the second week, you all got drunk at night and had dinner and fell in love with each other and all that… All that happened. gets arrested because of the phones. Everyone goes home and watches Twitter. It’s so sad.”

When asked if what he sees as a “sad” social climate could be reversed by banning phones on sets, Grant was optimistic. He claims that Quentin Tarantino has employed such a practice in his recent films, which would have resulted in a more promiscuous social environment.

“Yes, I think so,” he said. “You know, Tarantino banned phones from his post, and that’s good too. And the people there, they’re all fucking each other, I’m told.

The process of filming “Dungeons & Dragons” might have been less fun for Grant than some of his older films, but it seems the process ended up being a success nonetheless. Early reviews for the film have been strong, and it looks set to take advantage of weak box office competition.

“‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ conjures up its own kind of cinematic magic that stands proudly above other fantasy films,” Marisa Maribal wrote in her IndieWire review of the film. “The heartfelt story, enchanting characters, dazzling visual effects and fun nature will ensure the film is a treasured classic. An adaptation of this caliber might be considered a roll of the dice for some, but “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” has already proven to be an ironclad winner.

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