THY ART IS MURDER Streams New Single “Until There Is No Longer”

Prepare for “Aggression Sessions”

Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore band from Sydney, Australia. They just released their new track “Until There Is No Longer”, which is part of their upcoming split with Fit For An Autopsy and Malevolence, titled “The Aggression Sessions”. The split can be pre-ordered now, and it will include six tracks.

The split will include, among others, “Hellions” by Fit For An Autopsy, “Until There Is No Longer” by Thy Art Is Murder and “Waste Of Myself” by Malevolence. The release will also include covers from each band, with Fit For An Autopsy covering “Under A Serpent Sun” from At The Gates, Thy Art Is Murder covering “Hammer Smashed Face” from Cannibal Corpse and Malevolence covering “Left Outside Alone” from ‘Anastasia. ”

Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy spoke about the split, saying, “Even before we finished work on The Depressions Sessions, we knew a long-standing friendship had been forged between Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy, and that we would have to do another variation of the project. The Aggression Sessions concept was born almost immediately after the completion of the first iteration, but it took many years to finally find the time to record and release it amid the chaotic touring and music release schedules of both. groups. We wanted to take things back to some of our favorite inspirations for writing and performing heavy, aggressive music this time around, encapsulating the tone of the EP’s title. We hope everyone will enjoy!

The split also includes Malevolence, a hardcore band from Sheffield, UK. The band’s lead singer, Wilkie Robinson, commented: “From New Jersey to Australia to Sheffield! it’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this great international metal bridging and a great opportunity for us to have some creative fun outside of the usual expectations. Shout out to Eliran Kantor for killing the artwork and Nuclear Blast for making this all possible.

As always, the bands expressed their gratitude for the support from their fans and peers. “Working with friends and peers and avoiding competitive pitfalls has always been the most rewarding part of being in a band, so thank you always for the support and the opportunity to have this platform. See you soon on the road !”

So get ready for “The Aggression Sessions” and listen to Thy Art Is Murder’s new single “Until There Is No Longer”.


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