Watch Jennifer Hudson and Reba McEntire sing Respect

When Jennifer Hudson invites a musically talented guest on her show, we almost expect him to give us an epic duet. During a March 29 appearance on the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” Reba McEntire stopped by and casually performed Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” alongside the talk show host. While talking about their love for the Queen of Soul, Hudson asked McEntire if they could sing a bit of the track, and they quickly got into singing.

To no one’s surprise, the two vocal powerhouses delivered a thrilling performance that had Hudson’s guests on their feet, singing and clapping. The duo fed on each other’s energy, alternating lines with passion before launching into a beautiful harmony for the chorus.

Both musicians have ties to Franklin and recognizable success. The country singer has performed the song multiple times over the years, including at the 1988 CMA Awards. Hudson notably portrayed the musical icon in the 2021 biopic “Respect,” winning numerous awards for his impressive portrayal. Given that Franklin cast Hudson herself for the role, it’s no surprise the talk show host spoke the words and notes with ease during the segment.

In the past, Hudson has also brought in talented musicians like Amber Riley and Sheryl Lee Ralph to perform “Dreamgirls,” as well as Adam Lambert for a stunning operatic production. Watch his latest duet with McEntire above.


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