Thunderbolts Find New Scribe In Beef Creator Lee Sung Jin

Jin arrives after “Black Widow” scribe Eric Pearson completes his draft. With pre-production underway and the start of filming imminent, it’s no shock that Jin was quoted in Variety as stating that this is just a rewrite, not a massive overhaul of the script. .

“I’m rewriting it. It’s the whole crew again. Jake asked me if I wanted to come on board. I probably should have taken a break, but there are a lot of themes and exciting things in the movie which I couldn’t help but do.” to log in.”

There’s a ton of room for the MCU to let its hair down a bit when indulging in these gray characters. It’s not quite Marvel’s “The Suicide Squad,” but I can imagine it will cover a similar corner of comics where not everyone has to play by Boy Scout rules. Not all of the characters mentioned for the MCU version are true blue, totally evil villains. Each of them did bad things but either showed a shred of conscience (like Ghost and Taskmaster) or are already close to the heroes (looking at you, Yelena).

I feel like Jin is driven to tighten everything up and maybe inject some of his signature dark humor into the mix. I can’t wait for all of these talented personalities to be thrown together in the same story. It promises to be chaotic and lots of fun.

“Thunderbolts” is on the fast track, with an estimated release date of July 26, 2024, a very quick turnaround for a superhero movie, by the way.


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