‘Sister Wives’: Is Christine Brown Engaged? Paedon Brown Drops Index

sister wives ex Christine Brown maybe considering remarrying based on something Paedon Brown said in a recent TikTok live. He dropped some information about his mother’s relationship with David Woolley and his past with his father, Kody Brown. But is there a hint of wedding plans in his comment? See what he said.

Sister Wives Son Paedon Brown Says Her Mom Moves ‘Really Fast’

In a recent TikTok Live, Paedon Brown (son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown) shared his thoughts — and maybe more — on his mom’s new romance. If you haven’t heard, Christine has been gushing lately about her new man, David Woolley.

And while the sister wives co-star has the support of her children, they are also always cautious. And they don’t want Christine involved. We have the transcript of what he said – and the implication that things could get serious.

Is Christine engaged to David? Here’s what Paedon said as he warned about the speed of his mother’s new relationship now that she’s done with Kody:

Hey mom, you’re going really fast. I’m not telling you to slow down, I just want you to know you’re rushing.

You were in a bad relationship. You’ve been in a bad relationship for years. She was in a bad relationship.

It was good at one point. It was really good at one point. But at least for five years. At least for at least five years you’ve been in a bad relationship and I’m so sorry about that.

But now that you’re having a good relationship with dad — or a bad relationship with dad — you’re now rushing into that relationship very quickly.

Then, someone interrupted him with a comment saying he shouldn’t talk about his mom’s love life. THE sister wives son replied:

I’m pretty sure I have the right to comment on my mom’s relationship because she’s my mom.

Then Paedon Brown said he would never be close to Christine’s new man.

I am very happy for her. I am very happy that she is happy. It’s absolutely amazing. She asked me how I felt about him. And I told him that I’ll probably never be very close to him.

Is Christine Brown engaged to David Woolley?

Christine Brown left Kody in November 2021. So it’s been almost 18 months since one of the former sister wives was single. Then, she started dating David exclusively in December 2022. And a few months later, she calls him “the love of her life”.

And they are called King and Queen. But is there more? Is Christine planning to marry David and that’s why Paedon thinks she’s rushing?

Consider what he said next in his video chat:

My mother was not close to her stepfather. My mother was NEVER close to her stepfather. And it doesn’t matter. (more comments about his housemates not being close to their stepdad.) I’ll probably never be close to David.

But that’s perfectly fine. She is happy. I am very happy for her. She can move as fast as she wants, she’s an adult. I just look at it as his son, thinking, oh okay. It’s up to her to decide what she wants. It’s his life.

So what we’re wondering is if Paedon spilled some tea here. Was he implying that Christine and David’s relationship had moved on to something much more serious?

He talked about not being close to a stepfather. Was he implying that David was about to be his stepfather by marrying Christine Brown? There were more stepdad comments in his TikTok. He didn’t use the phrase “mom’s boyfriend” – he used “stepdad”.

Sister Wives’ son Paedon makes bizarre comments about violence and David

Another strange thing that came out of Paedon Brown’s mouth was in response to a question from a sister wives fan. Someone asked why he wouldn’t get closer to Christine Brown’s boyfriend. Here is what Paedon said:

I don’t know, I can’t give you exact details. The number of times we talked, the things we talked about. We are both distant. It will never get violent. I will never hit him. And he’s a completely wonderful guy. And it’s okay, I don’t know, it’ll never be very close.

The huge takeaway is why is he talking about getting violent with his possible future stepfather? Why did an act of violence even appear in Paedon’s mind when talking about Christine’s new man? It’s quite strange.

But all of the talk from Paedon Brown’s stepfather raises the big question of whether Christine Brown’s “rush” is about her marriage to David Woolley. Is Christine engaged to her boyfriend? If so, will her wedding be on their TLC show in Season 19?

We know that David will not be part of season 18 but is part of the ongoing filming. So we’ll see…

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