Ariana Madix Defends Raquel Leviss Again, Scheana’s Marriage Kicks Off, and Scandoval’s Wall Writing Begins – VPR Recap HERE!

Another week, another pre-scandoval episode of Vanderpump Rules for fans to dissect!

On Wednesday, the reality series’ final episode dropped – and with it came a ton of drama and cringe-worthy moments as Cheer fans have once again seen Ariana Madix having Raquel Leviss‘ back. Of course, that was before she learned of the months-long affair between the 28-year-old and her boyfriend. Tom Sandoval. But not before it starts!

The episode started with james kennedy hanging out with his father, Andros, at home, where they actually discussed his breakup with Raquel. Interestingly, his dad actually admitted that he “never really saw” the 31-year-old DJ marry the ON waitress – “not from day one.” Could have told her before enlisting Sandoval’s help and dropping thousands of dollars on the Rachella themed proposal! LOLz!

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Things then shifted to Ariana, Scheana ShayAnd Lala Kent going out for a girls dinner with James’s new girlfriend Ally Lewber. This is where Ariana once again showed that she was always there for Raquel. While Ariana said she wanted Ally in the group, she noted that she made sure to ask the former pageant queen first before inviting her to dinner. The 37-year-old former SUR bartender feared breaking the girl code by inviting the new lady to Raquel’s ex to hang. Ugh. If only she knew about the code violation that was happening behind her back… Scheana also shared in a confessional how she wanted to get closer to Ally but didn’t want to hurt Raquel’s feelings. They were all so supportive! Well, not all…

Lala was ahead of the curve! She says:

“I really don’t care if it hurts Raquel’s feelings.”

Damn!!! The group then starts talking about the argument between Raquel and Lala at Ariana’s pool party in the previous episode. As Lala felt Raquel was “mean” that day, Scheana was quick to come to her defense, saying she was “standing up for herself” at the time. But the Give me Lala the podcast host did not back down! She then joked about how Raquel “shorts out” when an argument doesn’t go the way she planned. And finally, Lala expressed that she was upset that their co-star called her a “mistress bimbo” before launching into a dig and saying that Raquel “looked like a little prostitute” at the event.


Elsewhere in the episode, viewers can finally see Scheana and Brock Davies‘ the pre-wedding festivities on the small screen. The couple are working out their seating plan for the ceremony, during which Brock at one point comments on how Raquel’s ‘list’ is ‘stacked’ on the big day as she will be walking down the aisle with the guy who she dated. Coachella, Joeyher ex-partner James will be there, and her hookup Pierre Madrigal is also on the guest list. Brock had no idea how right he was, since Sandoval had been there too!

Most of the actors eventually find themselves at Lisa Vanderpumpis legendary Villa Rose at home for a surprise wedding party for Scheana – at which fans saw Raquel getting very flirt with a Tom. No, not Sandoval, but Tom Schwartz. During their conversation, he even offered to show her the LVP tattoo on his ass in Mexico. In a confessional, she shared how much she loves how close they’ve become recently:

“I like that Schwartz and I have come to a point where we’re tight and who knows – maybe we’ll be even tighter in the future? Tighter sounds a bit like a tight vagina, though.

Hmm. FYI, Raquel was filming her confessionals after the first shoot of the season and she was involved with Sandoval at that time. So take his admission to being at Schwartz with a grain of salt!

Later, the cast travels to Mexico for Scheana and Brock’s wedding and arrives at the Playa del Carmen – with Sandoval, Ariana and Raquel notably coming to the resort together in the same car. And if you thought the previous moments with Raquel weren’t scary already, wait. Because at one point, Ariana opened up in a confessional about how “excited” she was for a romantic getaway to spend time with Sandoval:

“I’m so excited to be in Mexico, nothing else is in my way, my quality time with Tom. He’s my prisoner.

It’s heartbreaking to know what we know now!

This is where things got really explosive in the episode! At a welcome party at the hotel restaurant, Ariana lashed out at James for ‘arguing’ with one of Brock’s friends, who was drunk and hugged the musician in his arms as if he knew him. And let’s just say the cocktail book author did NOT appreciate the way James was talking to her during their confrontation, saying:

“I wish you could hear your tone of voice when you’re talking to me because you’ve been very rude to me.”

James claimed he “aired the situation and chose not to punch the guy in the face,” noting that he would have hoped Ariana was on his side with the matter. But she didn’t! She replied:

“Not wanting there to be a fight is the only side to be. I’m on the side of not wanting there to be a fucking fight period! Period! I don’t like him doing it , and I don’t like you doing it OK! Period! I’m gonna raise my voice cause when I talk at a normal volume, you don’t fucking listen to me! I’ve had enough. Were done!”

That’s when Lala entered the chat, claiming that James “almost pushed a [separate] guy on the ground. However, he ended the accusation and told her to “choose your f**king words carefully right now.” Things escalated to the point where Ally left the dinner party, saying in an interview:

“I can’t sit here and watch James act like this. It makes me question everything. Why am I in Mexico and who is this person I am dating?

James continued to defend himself, insisting that he had “never seen this guy in my fucking life”:

“By the way, his eyes are like rolling off the back of his head, drooling, like my homie is taking off my fucking nice ass jacket! He kinda took three steps back. … I should have f- king Will Smith-ed lapels his f**king bitch a**.

Raquel also addressed the situation, saying:

“Seeing Ally cringe in embarrassment at the way James is acting right now makes me so glad it’s not me anymore.”


Obvi fans still have plenty of drama to look forward to with Schwartz and Raquel meeting at the wedding AND the Scandoval spinoff. Reactions to the episode, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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