TV business is stressful, says Yasmin Finney |

OHMYGOSSIP – Yasmin Finney thinks the TV industry is “stressful”.
The 19-year-old star loves working in the TV business – but she also recognizes the need to ‘let [her] hair down” from time to time.
Yasmin – who will play Rose in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary series – told Vogue: “When you’re in this industry you have so many hands on you and so many people in your ear, that’s why he’s so important to have time for yourself.
“Anything can be a form of self-care, anything that makes you happy, whether it’s spending time with friends or your chosen family, putting on a face mask or making yourself a wonderful herbal tea.
“I just got a dog named Coco and I love spending time with her.
“Rest is also very important. It’s just a break from the stress of the industry. It’s an amazing industry, but it’s stressful. You always want to bring your A-game, so it’s important to have time where you can let loose.
Yasmin actually developed a following on TikTok – where she discussed her experiences as a black trans woman – before making her breakthrough as an actress.
The TV star explained that despite her recent success, she still struggles with body image issues.
She shared, “As long as you’re confident in yourself, and as long as you look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m gorgeous,’ that’s the only thing that matters.
“I still suffer with things like body image [issues] and I have gender dysphoria, which most transgender people have. It’s hard to navigate the world when you look in the mirror and don’t see what you want to see. But the reality is that beauty is more than superficial. ”

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