The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Victor make a deal with Jill?

Soap opera The young and the restless celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and the Genoa gala offers viewers a lot of surprises, action and drama. The upcoming episodes won’t disappoint the show’s loyal fans either. Read on for spoilers as well as highlights from the March 28, 2023 episode of The young and the restless.

The young and the restless Spoiler Highlights

Phyllis, played by Michelle Stafford, is in revenge mode as she teams up with Jeremy Stark, played by James Hyde, against Diane, played by Susan Walters. Phyllis will do whatever it takes to break off Diane’s engagement to Jack, played by Peter Bergman. Although Diane is shaken by Phyllis and her behavior, she feels better knowing that Jack is by her side.

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Victor, played by Eric Braeden, wants Adam, played by Mark Grossman, to run McCall Unlimited. Victor will do whatever it takes to make sure he succeeds in buying the business. He offers Jill, played by Jess Walton, private funding for Chancellor-Winters so she won’t make the initial public offering, thus luring in Devon, played by Bryton James. This is done so that Victor can keep Devon away from his father’s company.

With Victor seizing the opportunity and making a deal with Jill, will she really be ready to sign? It seems likely. And will that be enough to keep Devon happy enough to stay away from McCall Unlimited? Christine, played by Lauralee Bell, and Nina, played by Tricia Cast, share a long history. Although Nina has been in town recently to see her son Chance, played by Conner Floyd, and help out Dominic, they haven’t really had the chance to spend much time together.

Now that Christine and Nina have reunited at the bicentenary celebration, we can expect the old friends to catch up and have some gala time at the Genoa gala. The question remains whether this will all be fun or if something will end up shaking them. 37 of The young and the restless’ 50 seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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