‘Life After Lockdown’: Chance Bets Tayler Lets It Slip

Life after lockdown couple Taylor George And luck pittThe relationship is in a fragile state. After discovering everything her fiancé was hiding from her. But it seems things between them have changed.

Life after confinement: Chance Pitt needs Tayler George to forgive him

Chance Pitt knows he messed up with his Life after lockdown girlfriend. He hid it so much from her that he doesn’t know what she knows. After Tayler George lost his temper with him and set her clothes on fire in the garden, he knew he had to do something fast or he could lose her for good.

She is still angry and refuses to trust him. However, the baby is coming soon and she needs to be as relaxed as possible before her doctors induce her. Chance tries to reconcile with her. So she agrees to a truce, at least for now.

Now that they have almost all of his financial information and gambling secrets exposed. He feels the need to make sure Tayler forgives him.

THE Life after lockdown star wants it and he says he thinks he deserves it. But to secure his place in her life, he wants to kiss and reconcile. Fans say it looks like he’s playing again, but not at the casino.

Tayler agrees to call a truce for now. She needs to relax and de-stress before the baby is born. So, to get him to back down, she tells him that she will forgive him and move on.

However, she better not catch him lying or playing or being sleazy anymore. But she plans to keep her ears and eyes on her Life after lockdown partner.

Bobbie George surprises Tayler with big news

THE Life after lockdown The couple were preparing everything for their trip to the hospital when Tayler got a huge surprise. His sister, Bobbie George, returned from Arizona.

Bobbie has big news. She tells them that she plans to stay in town for good. Chance Pitt looks very nervous and asks her where she plans to stay. She tells him he’s just down the street with a close friend.

Life after lockdown: Tayler George - Bobbie George
Life after confinement: Tayler George – Bobbie George | WEtv

Chance notices that Bobbie looks uncomfortable. After his past overdose, he is skeptical about his cleanliness. During his confessional, the Life after lockdown The star says he plans to keep an eye on Bobbie, but isn’t ready to trust her.

However, Tayler is thrilled that her sister is back and sticking around. That’s all he needs, one more person running to make him look bad.

Life after confinement: Chance betrays her little mother again

New Life after lockdown Promo video shows their son Mason has arrived. But things are not going well between the new parents.

Tayler George says she remains very suspicious and Chance Pitt gives her many reasons. The video shows Chance with another woman and walking with his arm around her.

During the clip, Tayler George follows him and confronts Chance Pitt. It seems that the Life after lockdown the couple has more problems.

The promo video shows Tayler finding out that Chance has forgotten all about the promises he made to her before the baby arrived. It doesn’t look good for them, everything they’ve built, so far, seems to be collapsing around them.

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