Fair City bids farewell to the iconic actor

After two decades on the show, an iconic character says goodbye to Fair City.

Yes, he’ll be hanging up his Garda hat as Detective John Deegan aka Fair City star Tommy O’Neill announced his final departure from the show.

The detective has been patrolling the streets of Carrigstown for over 20 years and he has been involved in many high profile stories.

From Katy’s kidnapping by Ciaran, Cristiano’s domestic abuse, Karne’s murder to Will’s murder, he’s been the one to call on.

Of course, Detective Deegan retired from the force in May 2022. And that story gave us some well-deserved levity on the show.

Dreading his retirement, Olwen tried to cheer him up with a surprise party, during which she gave him an illegal cannabis tincture to try and help with his pain issues.

Beautiful city Eps 64
Texas – Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Deegan discovers the rag
Deegan – Tommy O’Neill

He took the concoction unsuspecting, before Olwen discovered that his plants were infested with insects.

Speaking about his decision to leave, Tommy O’Neill said: “It was not an easy decision to leave, but I will always cherish my time on Fair City and the incredible cast and crew I have worked with over the years. of the last two decades. , who have given me so many incredible memories and lifelong friendships.


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