Top Iconic Real Housewives Who Aren’t Original Cast Members

The OG title is a rarity these days on Bravo. An OG started from Season 1 and created an impact that basically made the show better. Real Housewives of Atlanta lost NeNe Leaks. RHOA went on without her, but she was a terrific presence on the network for years. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills say goodbye to Lisa Vanderpump a few seasons back. Like it or not, Lisa’s absence is still felt today. Current and former cast members can’t stop talking about her.

Then, we have real housewives who weren’t on board when the program premiered but may have slipped into Season 2 or shortly after. They’ve become organic members of their franchise, and you can’t remember the episodes before they were introduced. You might even assume it’s an OG, given the contributions made to other storylines and dramas. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Real Housewives which may have OG status but cannot be fully certified.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta / Kenya Moore

Can you believe we are in 14 seasons RHOA? It takes my breath away and I feel like I grew up with this show. The first four seasons were like another realm of time. The quirky cabinetry, interior decor, and faces are just a throwback to old-school viewers. But things changed in Season 5. The winds blew Mrs Kenya Summer Moore and life as we knew it in Atlanta would be different. Some people didn’t like Kenya, but Kenya didn’t care.

She gave us lines Beyonce used, she gave us incredible conflict, and Kenya gave us the perfect enemy for Porsha Williams. walter jackson may not have lasted long, but Kenya showed great endurance. This woman gave us so much and in return she was dragged onto the stage in an unforgettable reunion. Kenya may not be an OG, but RHOA wouldn’t be where it is today without it.

The Real Housewives of the Potomac / Candice Dillard Bassett

In November 2015, we learned that Bravo was going to try again in the DMV area. If you’re old enough to remember Real Housewives of DC, you already know that they didn’t find any gold in the mid-Atlantic region. But Potomac, Maryland got the go-ahead and The Real Housewives of the Potomac premiered in January 2016. I don’t even know how we survived, but this program had two full seasons before Candice Dillard Bassett came to spice things up.

Candiace is tiny, but it’s mighty and you absolutely know when it walks into the room. ORP is still relatively young and next year will be the 8th season, but I’m not sure it would have gone so well without Candy. When Monique Samuel and Candiace fought at a winery, it basically woke people up and got them to pay attention. Candiace isn’t afraid to get a little dirty and if you step out of line you might be introduced to her butter knife. We had episodes bordering on lackluster until one of Candice’s interviews saved the day. Not today NECK.

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The Real Housewives of New York / Sonja Morgan

While I’m sad about the end of a The Real Housewives of New York (THANKS Singer Ramona), I keep an open mind for the brand new RHONY. It would be futile to try to forget so much of the Bravoverse. The way it turned out didn’t do longtime fans a disservice. That said, we can still look back to the glory days of our first episode. I’m not sure anyone was ready for the New York ladies. They were very direct and didn’t mince a lot of words. The public fell in love with Jill Zarine And Bethenny Frankeluntil they fall in love with Bethenny and Jill a few seasons later.

But can you believe sonja morgan wasn’t part of the original cast? This absolute legend could drink an entire construction crew under the table. This blooming flower almost suffocated under the weight of Ramona’s ego but managed to become one of the most memorable real housewives in recent history. Bless Sonja’s illusion, for she carried it through years of denial and obvious frustration. But fear not, Sonja lovers. If all goes well, his show with Luann de Lesseps will be there to appease us. Hopefully it’s slated to premiere sometime in the summer.

Real Housewives of Orange County / Judge Tamra

Yes I know. Judge Tamra seems to irritate most people on this side of the Universe. But she put Real Housewives of Orange County on the map and I will die on this hill. Also, can you believe we’ve been “behind the doors” since 2006? Man, I had two human beings leaving my body in that time frame. As much as Vicki Gunvalson branded for that main character energy, we didn’t see it until Season 3 when Tammy Sue jumped in headfirst. By then Vicki was starting to piss people off and we were already sick of hearing how unhappy she was.

Tamra appeared with hair in desperate need of conditioner and a finger ready to point. RHOC had been relatively low-key until Tamra’s introduction to the masterclass on how to create drama. You know, a real housewife left a big impression if her contract wasn’t renewed, but she was asked to come back a few years later. Tamra feels like an OG and like an OG, she’s still here. Sorry, vicky.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta / Kandi Burruss

It’s really shocking when I think of Kandi Burrus. How far this woman has come and the amount of her life she has offered to RHOA. If you asked me who the original cast of this show were, I would immediately forget the poor From Shawn Snow and add Kandi’s name. It’s really hard to believe she didn’t cast the premier because now RHOA East Kandy. She came into Season 2 and it was a big moment for the show. A hugely successful songwriter and singer, if you listened to the radio in the 90s you heard Kandi’s lyrics at some point in a 4 hour period.

Kandi practically offered his soul to RHOA. She has been open about her music career and family struggles. We saw her raising a child and adding to her family after she married Todd Tucker. There really isn’t much that Kandi doesn’t reveal and she fully understands the mission. Always with upward mobility and earning as much money as possible, Kandi is definitely someone who deserves OG status. She did her time and paid her due. Was there even a RHOA before he arrived?


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