‘The Human Target’ Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (revision)

Written by Tom King
Art by Greg Smallwood
Published by DC Comics

Writer Tom King and artist Greg Smallwood create a really cool new black comic with this series collected in two volumes. They take the character of Christopher Chance and give him a nice new twist. It’s probably the best Chance story ever told, both on TV and in the comics. It’s thrilling from the very first page to the last.

The book begins like an old film noir. It starts with a body. We are then introduced to Christopher Chance. Chance is a master of disguise who is a kind of “human target” for high level targets. If Lex Luthor needs someone to be a shield for him, for example, he’ll call Chance. This leads to some pretty crazy circumstances.

Chance finds herself in very hot water. He discovers that he was murdered and that he must find the murderer before he completely disappears from this world. So with each issue, we see another day for Chance as he gets one step closer to the grave. In the meantime, he also finds affection with the superheroine named Ice.

While investigating her murder, the two fall in love.

Tom King has a steak romantic through much of his work and it’s never been more prevalent than here. The scenes in between are wonderful and honest and bring some depth to the book.

This comic also has some really funny moments as the issues progress. We see Chance dealing with various members of the Justice League International. The funniest encounters are with Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and especially Guy Gardner (Ice’s ex-boyfriend).

The only problem? Everyone is suspected of knowing who killed Christopher Chance.

Tom King writes once again a hell of a book. It’s funnier than a lot of his recent work. That doesn’t take away from the real stakes of the book, which are always high. Greg Smallwood’s work is the best he has ever done.

Everything works visually and makes the book unique.

It’s a well done, fun and emotional ride from start to finish.



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