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I didn’t mean to say this, but I think the cracks are starting to show for The Mandalorian, the show that propelled Disney+ into the stratosphere. While a sense of the story can be seen, it also looks like Din has been relegated to a supporting character in his own series as the writers work on adding material that could have served well this season, but has been included in Boba Fett’s Book instead. Viewership has plummeted for the fan-favorite series and I can kind of understand why, as the series seems a bit lost with the main story so far being sidelined in favor of creature encounters and quests. secondary while Bo Katan continues to be a much more interesting character than the series leader.

Condensed into a very short thirty minutes, The Foundling focuses on a few brief plot points that orbit around the central point. So it’s unfortunate that the central plot, where a giant dragon-like creature leads a Mandalorian Foundling back to its lair, feels so unimportant. The writers seemed to be working overtime trying to make sense of this narrative, but many plot holes or misjudgments persist. For example, the foundling was taken but instead of immediately bringing it to the nest to feed it to the creature’s offspring, as expected, the dragon chose to fall asleep right next to the nest instead, which naturally gives the Covert time to catch up. It just feels very manufactured.

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Another element that didn’t seem to make much sense was that all of the Mandalorians were chasing the dragon with their jetpacks knowing that they had never found the lair due to the distance in the past. So why not just load everyone into Bo Karan’s ship, because that’s how she tracks the creature and manages to find the lair. This was all done to allow Bo to gain some grace in the Covert, but again, it feels fabricated.

While the Mandalorians are on the hunt, Grogu stays with the Armorer, who bestows him with a piece of armor as he is also a foundling in this secret. As the coin is forged, it has a flashback to the events of Order 66, our best look at the event yet. The scene, which takes place over a few minutes, reveals that Grogu was rescued and taken off-planet by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq, played by the one and only Ahmed Best, perhaps better known as Jar Jar Binks. . It’s great to see that Best, who suffered a lot playing Binks, has found a new place in the fandom as the badass Jedi Master who saved Grogu. The scene was also very funny. Even though it was full of action, it was important. Grogu’s training with the Mandalorians seems a bit nailed down though, as we’ve seen Grogu train with Luke before, so we know the little guy is capable.

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The episode ends with Bo Katan, who stole the show from Din, getting a new pauldron from the Armorer. After her encounter with the Mythosaur, she requests that her new pauldron bear the seal of the mythical creature, revealing that she has in fact seen such a creature. The Armorer considers Bo lucky to have seen such a vision, with Bo pointing out that it was the real deal. The gunsmith replies with “it’s the way”. Does she believe Bo will make the prophecy a reality or is she more entertaining with this new member? Hard to say, the Armorer remains one of the series’ biggest enigmas to date. But the show’s third season remains a bit uneven, as if they don’t really know what to do with Din now that his quest to bring Grogu to the Jedi has been called off and he isn’t looking to unite the clans under the Darksaber. Grogu is training to become a Mandalorian himself, but if all of this leads to Bo trying to take the throne while Din sits on the sidelines, I think the show will have mixed things up a bit.


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