‘Love is Blind’ Season 4 Twist: Zack Ditches Irina to Chase Bliss – Shocking Update!

On love is blind season 4, Zack Goytowski believed Irina Salomonova on Happiness Foreetezadi and that led to poor engagement and a missed connection, but a shocking update shows he could fix things.

Bliss told her about Irina’s mean antics. Unfortunately, the Seattle criminal defense attorney picked the wrong girl, but he self-corrected in a way never seen before on the Netflix series. And now he’s trying to make it right

Love is Blind Season 4: The Real Reason Zack Goytowski Dumped Irina Solomonova

Zack Goytowski pushed back some admittedly weird vibes on Love is blind Season 4 episodes. He said weird things to women including that he worked as a stripper and lived under a bridge. But underneath the weirdness is a really sweet guy.

Bliss Poureetezadi saw this, but Irina Solomonova seemed to be more claiming a claim than rightfully falling in love with him. And it was clear from their face-to-face encounter that they were doomed.

Love is Blind Season 4: Zack Goytowski & Irina Solomonova
Love is Blind Season 4 – Image Credit: Netflix

But things only got worse. Zack Goytowski really opened up about his troubled childhood and thought he found his persona in Irina Solomonova. But it looks like he could have found true happiness if he had chosen Bliss Poureetezadi…

How it all started with Zack, Bliss and Irina on the Netflix series

In the Love is blind pods, Zack was caught between two women – Bliss and Irina. The choice seemed obvious to viewers – sweet Bliss was the epitome of good wife material. She baked cupcakes for Zack for his birthday and beams with cuteness.

Irina, however, quickly gained a reputation as one of the season’s villains, along with Micah Lussier. Meanwhile, Irina couldn’t even remember Zack’s birthday. Then, to add insult to injury, she tried to talk Bliss out of a candle after making fun of her cupcakes.

Bliss Poureetezadi did not deliver it. After Bliss revealed to Zack Goytowski how Irina Solomonova behaves around women, he could have made a better choice. “You’re right to know her in a different way,” Bliss tells Zack in the pods.

She added, “I see her in abilities that you don’t have. You see it in capacities that I don’t have. I just see things that are not good. But, Irina Solomonova has her ring Love is blind. And Bliss was sent home with no obligation.

How it ended with Irina and Zack on Love Is Blind

When Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova met in person, it was painfully obvious that she wasn’t into him. Then she called him “creepy” and said he looked like a cartoon character who needed to blink more. To make matters worse, she rejects his kiss.

Irina tells the cameras, “I thought he would be a little more normal.” Their vacation in Mexico is equally disastrous. There, Irina actively avoids Zack – both emotionally and physically. And she and the other mean girls said some harsh things about her on Love is blind.

At the end, Zack is appalled at Irina when she finally lets her true colors shine. She stunned him when she admitted it was Paul Peden she wanted. And this despite the fact that Paul is engaged to his best friend (and mean girl) Micah!

Love is blind meme - Zack Goytowski
Love is Blind meme – Image credit: Instagram – The Reality Ashley

So he told her he didn’t want to move on and canceled. And Irina Solomonova admitted in one of their last interviews that she almost dumped him after their first face-to-face meeting.

Then, in a Love is blind first, the cameras kept rolling as Zack Goytowski decided to go back and try to fix the mistake he made. He still wants Bliss! He even told his fiancée that he kept thinking about Bliss Poureetezadi the whole trip.

Irina’s side of the story – Is she really the villain that Netflix makes her out to be?

In a recent interview revealed on Today, Irina Solomonova said, “I just feel like me and Zack weren’t meant to be.” And she insisted, “It wasn’t something about her looks or anything. It was more of a gut feeling that he wasn’t the person for me.

Despite this statement, Irina has made more than a handful of comments about her fiancé Zack Goytowski’s appearance. Like some of his friends. Like when Jackie calls Zack “crazy” and says Irina is a “peasant.” And Jackie also said that Zack said “stupid shit for no reason”.

Obviously they didn’t get it. As for his rivalry with Bliss Poureetezadi…, that of Zack Goytowski Love is blind ex said, “Me and Bliss didn’t have the best time in the living room, but I have absolutely no hard feelings towards her.”

Sometimes it feels like the producers are doing a mean edit. And sometimes, it doesn’t seem necessary to edit — there are just not-so-nice people coming onto the show. Surely you can think of a few of the past seasons.

In fact, Irina encouraged Zack to pursue Bliss after they split. Meanwhile, the Seattle attorney said, “I haven’t spoken to Irina from Mexico. She sent me texts, but honestly, I never replied to any of them.

While Petty Betties Jackie, Micah, and Tiffany said, “Bliss dodged a bullet” while laughing like harpies, it appears to be the other way around. Most Love is blind fans think it was Zack Goytowski who dodged it by dumping Irina in Mexico and making a bold move.

Love is Blind Twist Never Seen Before: Zack’s Shocking Pursuit of Happiness in Blindside Moment

Last night in Mexico, Zack and Irina Solomonova talked more and he said “they’re on the same page” that it won’t work. But they still had to stay in the same room one last time. And she said she didn’t want to sit next to him on the plane home.

But she also interrupted him and was rude (again) on Love is blind. She was dismissive but admitted, “I literally treat you so badly.” She said “I’m a complete asshole to you and you don’t deserve this.”

He clapped back and said it was horrible sleeping in bed with her and said she hadn’t really tried. Zack Goytowski laughed when Irina admitted she was hot for Paul. He said she would break off all ties.

Then viewers get a blind moment that will leave plenty of cheers. Because Zack Goytwoski headed for Bliss Poureetezadi once back in Seattle.

In the last moments of love is blind episode 5, Zack is thrilled to reunite with Bliss Poureetezadi in the Pacific Northwest. They sit down and he tells her “I made the wrong choice”.

At the end of the episode, she sighs as he adds, “You know I did it and so did I.” So, will we see them get engaged and move into the couples apartment in Seattle? Maybe. We’ll let you know.

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