Kye Colors Delivers A Vivid Image With New EP “COLORMAN: RED”

Songwriters Michael Coleman and J. Richard Murray otherwise known as see your shadow delivered their latest single Anyway on the rocks. A country song by any other means, but also something slightly different. Anyway on the rocks is a trip from see your shadowtypical thematic approach in that it is more open to interpretation than previous pieces. The illustrious use of metaphor in this track caught me a little off guard as I was expecting a more traditional country song steeped in spiritual overtones resulting in quintessential topics see your shadow usually explore. Now, I may completely miss that interpretation, but it’s my privilege to be an unbiased reviewer. I think this track is about acceptance, understanding that everyone has their own pain and the demons they struggle with. Anyway on the rocks thus becomes a metaphor for giving people everything they need to lighten their burdens and cope with pain, regardless of faith, conditions or beliefs. If I’m onto anything here, I’ve found a new appreciation for the power of songwriting, as this theme isn’t all that present, but a lingering impression left long after the song has been consumed. The performance also leads into this theme of acceptance as each cadence is resolved to the downbeat with lower vocal articulation. This singing method lends itself to the emotional display of purpose and less to the possibility of challenging the overall status quo. Staying true to the country music archetype of booze for pain relief, while providing ambiguity to what’s in the glass, see your shadow in turn took a simple archetype and transformed it into a complex emotive work of art worthy of this discussion.

Anyway on the rocks is a great contemporary country song with hints of traditional elements. The production of this track is well executed, the vocals are crisp and clear while the melodic form that takes up the majority of the instrumentation contrasts the vocals with ease. I think this track could have used a bit more low end to help push the groove like Anyway on the rocks plays more in the treble range of the frequency band. That’s not a bad thing, as this song has an uplifting presence, and choosing not to push a lead funk helps keep this track feeling and powerful as an uplifting track. Of course, like everything else see your shadow product, the commercial aspects are always present. A hit single by any other means, perfect for Country, Middle-Of-The-Road or Adult Contemporary radio formats. The singing, musical performance and phrasing of the choirs give Anyway on the rocks a safe replayable look and hopefully give you the listener new meaning with every listen.


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