Police offer $20,000 reward to help solve Richard Jefferson’s father’s homicide case [Video]

A high reward amount has been extended to resolve an old NBA the homicide of the player’s father.

The Los Angeles Police Department is offering $20,000 to help uncover what happened to the father of former basketball player Richard Jefferson.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Patricia Thomas announced she was offering $20,000 to anyone who can help with the four-year case.

Thomas also said she believed some people saw the suspects and Richard Jefferson Sr. in Compton in September 2018.

According to the press conference, she alleges that a car of gang members shot at Jefferson Sr. while he was talking with neighbors, assuming he was part of a rival gang.

Jefferson Sr.’s brother, Kenneth, asked the audience for details during the conference and said, “He was a brother. He was a son. He was a father. He was a very beloved grandfather.

Thomas urged anyone with information to call the homicide office at 323-890-5500.


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