Jax Taylor claims this isn’t the ‘first time’ Tom Sandoval has cheated

Jax Taylor says it's not the "First time" Tom Sandoval cheated, admits he is "Not surprised," and says Raquel is "Easily manipulated" while Brittany weighs

Jax Taylor was not surprised when he learned Tom Sandoval had cheated on his girlfriend of almost 10 years, Ariana Madixwith a mutual friend Raquel Leviss.

In another interview, the Vanderpump Rules alum highlighted Sandoval’s alleged infidelity in the past as he called Raquel ‘easily controlled’ and ‘easily manipulated’ and looked back on him and his wife Brittany Cartwrightmost recent encounter with their former co-star.

“I don’t mean I predicted it, but I predicted it. I mean, I’m just not surprised,” Jax revealed to Entertainment Tonight in a joint interview with Brittany on March 21. “ He’s done this before and nobody believed me. It’s just not his first time.

According to Brittany, who said she was surprised to learn that Sandoval cheated on Raquel because she thought they were just ‘good friends’, her husband was referring to the season three drama surrounding the girl. from Miami, whom Sandoval was accused of cheating on Ariana with early in their relationship.

“Nobody believed me,” Jax recalled. “I was the bad guy… Everyone could kind of slip up and get away with things [but] now you can’t hide behind me anymore, so now all the demons are coming to the surface.

Following the revelation of Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, Brittany contacted Scheana Shay And Lala Kent.

“I was like, ‘Is this true?’ And they just said yes, like, all caps and then I was like, ‘Oh my god, how’s Ariana?’ Because, like, having to go through this so publicly is so mortifying,” Brittany said. “To have to go through this publicly and be so embarrassed by it and, like, having to go through this, like, I feel so bad for Ariana of having to go through this so publicly.”

Although Brittany has checked on Ariana several times, she hasn’t gone to see her yet.

“[I’m] I just try to be there for her as much as possible. I know she hasn’t been alone for a second, so that’s good,” Brittany revealed.

As for Jax, he said he was the only man in Pump Rules to reach.

“I guess [Ariana] said with all the guys, I’m the only one that’s registered with her, me of all people. She was like, Jax Taylor is the only guy who checked in, you know, watched me,” he claimed.

As Brittany and Jax stay in contact with Ariana, neither has spoken to Sandoval. And, while thinking back to their last encounter with him, they revealed that Sandoval was with Raquel.

“The last time I saw [Sandoval] was on Labor Day, we were at an event in Orange County, which is a couple of hours drive from our house, and he was there with Raquel, which makes sense at the time,” recalls Jax. “I just didn’t think about it then and now, looking back, it’s kind of like, oh, I just didn’t think about it.”

According to Jax, Sandoval never had “control” over Ariana. But, when it comes to Raquel, it’s a different situation.

“[Ariana]”She’s a very strong, independent woman and I feel like he couldn’t control her, and he can control Raquel very easily,” Jax explained. “She’s very easily manipulated, and you can control her like that just by looking at her…She’s easily controllable, you can just tell she’s very co-dependent.” She is the definition of codependency.

In addition to appearing on the March 22 episode of Watch what’s happening livewhere they will surely talk more about “Scandoval”, Jax and Brittany prepare for the launch of their new podcast, When reality hitswhich will air on PodcastOne on March 28.

“It’s been in the works all year, so yeah, we partnered with Podcast One, putting it all together and we knew it was coming out March 28 with our first episode and it just happened,” said explained Brittany.

“We’re going to have guests, we’re going to talk about parenting, we’re going to talk about reality TV. I want to talk to other villains on reality TV. I want to talk about a bit of everything,” Jax explained.

In conclusion, Jax offered some advice to Sandoval.

“I think it kind of went to his head, the nine-person cover band and the little bar in a mall, it kinda goes to his head and he has to, like, come down to earth and realize this that he’s done… Humble yourself a bit and show some sympathy,” he encouraged.

“[Ariana]’s supports a lot. He’s not the easiest person to be around,” Jax added.

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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