Donald Trump in “good mood”, the team “inflated” after his arrest

There is no bad publicity when you are Donald Trump.

Spies tell Page Six that The Donald is in “good spirits” ahead of his possible arrest and indictment this week.

Sources even say that Trump wants his potential arrest to be a high-profile case for maximum exposure.

A source said of Trump’s team: “They’re very excited about this… The Manhattan District Attorney, the NYPD and even the Justice Department were trying to work out a coordinated silent transfer with the Secret Service – and Trump had none of that. If an indictment and arrest happens, he wants it to be public.

We’re even told Trump’s folks plan to “try to film and document with their own camera crew, they want a photo of him in handcuffs and will post the mugshot.” They love that stuff.

Meanwhile, spies tell Page Six that Trump is in his private stronghold of Palm Beach, Florida, where he “revels in being back in the news and the center of attention.” He thinks this “trumped up accusation” will help him with his base.

donald trump
Trump “acts like he has no worries in the world,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.
The Washington Post via Getty Images
donald trump
The former president said on social media that he expected to be arrested.
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The political insider further told Us that Trump and his team are “nervous” about the election prospects of likely chief rival Governor Ron De Santis, and believe the arrest would bolster Trump’s campaign because they believe that “it will show that the Democrats are here to persecute Trump”. .”

The source also told us, “Trump will get all the media. He will say that he is the leader of the party and that he has the best shot against [President] Biden, that’s why he’s under attack… His people are licking their chops, he’s pumped. The next thing he will do is a rally.

The Post previously reported that sources said the NYPD and Secret Service were preparing for a possible indictment of Trump in Manhattan, after the ex-president announced he expected to be arrested.

donald trump
Sources say Trump’s team wants to document his potential arrest to appeal to his base.
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Trump’s potential arrest and indictment stem from Bragg’s ongoing investigation into alleged hush money that was paid to porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006, which he denies.

Either way, the real estate mogul has called for protest over his potential legal troubles.

“Trump appears in good spirits and exudes positive energy,” a source from the scene so far told Mar-a-Lago. “He’s been busy rallying members to his side both on the golf course and in the club’s dining room and aisles…Wherever he appears, it’s a mini campaign rally with people who greet him, surround him, express their support.”

donald trump
Trump built support inside Mar-a-Lago with members.
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The source added that “Trump gives a thumbs up to anyone who calls out his name. He shakes all hands and the crowd at Mar-a-Lago is hugely supportive. No one has ever heard anyone boo or turn their back on them or refuse their handshake.

However, the vibe could be quite different outside the comfortable confines of the golf club.

Trump’s representatives did not immediately respond to us.


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