Anton Du Beke offers his support to his friend Giovanni Pernice: “Very brave”

Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke began their Adventures in Sicily series tonight (March 21), traveling through Giovanni’s Italian homeland.

The couple visited the port town of Sciacca, enjoyed Greek architecture and went octopus fishing.

But when the couple visited the city of Catania, Giovanni spoke of the difficult decision to move there, alone, when he was just 14 years old.

Anton supported his friend Strictly, admitting the decision was “very brave”.

Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke smile on Adventures in Sicily
Giovanni opened up to Anton Du Beke in their new BBC series. (BBC)

Giovanni Pernice has revealed he left home at 14

As the pair prepared for their tour of Catania, Giovanni said: “It’s a city close to my heart, because it’s the place I called home when I was a teenager.”

Anton Du Beke was impressed that the Strictly Professional left so young.

That’s really brave of your parents – and very brave of you. Really amazing.

Giovanni said: “I came to Catania when I was 14 years old. The reason I moved was that my dance partner was from here. She was a great dance partner, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to dance with someone so good.

Anton asked, “So you moved alone, without your parents?” Wow.

“The idea of ​​moving on your own without them at that age, I mean, it’s really brave of your parents – and very brave of you. Really impressive.”

Giovanni confessed that the decision was not too difficult for him. He added: “When you have a goal and something you love, for me that was dancing.

“I didn’t really care about leaving anything behind, because I knew what I wanted.”

Anton admitted that he would have found it much more difficult. He added: “When I was 14 I would have been hopeless. I’m a mummy’s boy.

“So the idea of ​​leaving home at this age – not in a million years!” I’m so impressed.”

Giovanni and Anton smile on a boat in Adventures in Sicily
Anton Du Beke and Giovanni Pernice visited Catania in the first episode of the series. (BBC)

Giovanni joked about his teenage party lifestyle…

Anton asked Giovanni what he was doing on his own when he was 14, and Giovanni confessed that there were advantages to living alone as a teenager.

Giovanni shared: “I tried parties, I didn’t have mum and dad telling me ‘you have to come back then’ which is a good thing.

“But that was also a bad thing because you party a lot.”

But he confirmed to Anton that he is still working hard in his dancing career, despite his party lifestyle!

The couple ended the episode by celebrating the Catania Tango Festival and showing off their dancing skills.

Next week, on Adventures in Sicily, they’ll visit Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, and reunite with Strictly winner Rose-Ayling Ellis.

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Anton and Giovanni’s adventures in Sicily continue on Tuesday March 28 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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