Disney Parks showcases the magic of technological innovation at SXSW

It’s Disney’s World, we just live in it

Disney Parks on SXSW Assets

Source: Disney Parks

President Parks, Experiences and Disney Products Josh D’Amaro ushered in a new era for the entertainment giant which made its first-ever appearance at the famed SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

D’Amaro’s presentation titled “Creating Happiness: The Art and Science of Disney Parks Storytelling” showcased Disney’s long-standing commitment to innovation by pulling back the curtain on the ways Disney creates intentional environments envisioned for happiness.

“Disney’s 100-year legacy is built at the intersection of creativity, innovation and storytelling,” D’Amaro said during the presentation. “We are humbled that millions of people each year choose Disney as their vacation destination to get away to our beloved stories. To our guests around the world, I want to tell you that we are just getting started. »

The Disney Imagineering team that made “Brooms Walk and Cars Talk” took the stage to share some of the ambitious ideas that bring Disney stories to life and bring smiles to millions of people around the world.

D’Amaro and Disney Imagineers shared their insights on how creating immersive environments, sensory food and music, interactions with beloved Disney Characters, and world-class service from Disney cast members bring them together. people to create their own stories again and again.

The “Creating Happiness” presentation included the unveiling of an all-new robot prototype. Pushing the boundaries of what characters can do in Disney experiences, the new robot has demonstrated the ability to perform dynamic maneuvers including falling and getting up, as well as somersaulting.

The dynamic robot incorporates motion capture data to create performances that evoke emotion, giving Disney Imagineers a new way to bring out a character’s personality.

The presentation also included a behind-the-scenes look at another blue sky concept from Disney Imagineers that lets fans have a live chat with pixie-sized Tinker Bell.

THE Avengers: Endgame The version of the Hulk (which appeared at Disney California Adventure Park in 2022) was also on display for audiences who marveled at its unique exoskeleton allowing performers to operate large non-human figures.

Ultimately, delivering more hope, inspiration and happiness is central to Disney’s next 100 years.

“We want to invent the future again – together – drawing on a range of voices and perspectives that will help us continue to create even more happiness in the world,” D’Amaro said during the lively presentation that proved that Disney is, indeed, hip.


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