Angel Studios goes to the movies and challenges Hollywood on its own territory

Angel Studios dipped a toe in the theatrical waters by sharing variations of “The Chosen” on the big screen.

Today, the company makes it official. The studio will directly compete with the biggest films in Hollywood.

Angel Studios, based on a unique crowdfunding model that gives artists more control over their work, this week introduced a new division dedicated to big-screen releases.

The first title to be released exclusively in theaters? “His Only Son,” which is slated for release on March 31.

This is one of the most controversial moments in all of scripture – when the Lord God tested Abraham by commanding him to take his son, his only son, and sacrifice him on Mount Moriah. This feature film illustrates this gripping tale, following Abraham, his son and their two servants as they travel for three days to the place of the offering. Along the way, the men encounter dangers and trials as Abraham silently relives memories spanning the decades when he and his wife, Sarah, longed for the son God had promised…the son he must now lay on the altar.

“Our box office strategy is the opposite of traditional Hollywood: we know who our fans are, where they are and if they’re interested in attending before opening weekend simply because we have an ongoing conversation,” said Jared Geesey, Angel’s Senior Vice President of Global Distribution in a statement. “We’ll be applying this same approach to a whole series of theatrical campaigns, starting with ‘His Only Son’ at Easter.”


The pro-faith market has stunned Hollywood watchers many times over the past few years. Micro-indie hits like “War Room” and “Fireproof” have drawn sizable crowds, while mid-sized releases like last month’s “I Can Only Imagine” and “Jesus Revolution” have proven box office stellar. .

The latest theatrical release “Chosen”, consisting of the first two episodes of season three, was a direct hit at the box office. The film outsold much of the competition and became Fathom Events’ highest-grossing title.

The 2021 release “Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers” grossed $13 million, though it never reached more than 1,700 screens in any given weekend. Most major studio releases play in over 3,000 to 4,000 theaters.

Industry veteran Brandon Purdie will serve as Vice President of Theatrical Distribution for Angel Studios alongside Geesey. Purdie started Purdie Distribution in 2009, a company that oversaw the distribution of movies to theaters, Walmart stores, Netflix and more.

Purdue has overseen the release of over 75 independent films grossing around $120,000,000 worldwide.


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