‘Life after lockdown’: Lindsey goes to extreme lengths to help Blaine

Life after lockdown star Lindsey Downs decides she’s done waiting Blaine Bailey to take action. Ever since she found out, he hasn’t told her the truth about his current legal situation. Accordingly, they disagreed. So she decides it’s time to act and hatches a plan to help him.

Life after lockdown: Blaine Bailey keeps hiding secrets from Lindsey Downs

Blaine Bailey and Lindsey Downs from Life after lockdown have been through a lot in all the years they have known each other. Still, they believed their relationship was strong enough to handle whatever life threw at them. That’s until she recently finds out that he’s been keeping life-changing secrets from her.

Life after lockdown: Blaine Bailey
Life after lockdown: Blaine Bailey – Image credit: WEtv

Lindsey doesn’t know if she will trust him completely again. She feels hurt that he didn’t share his problems with her. Not only is she afraid of losing him for the next 19 years, but she is also afraid for her future. They invested every penny in buying a house to renovate.

Not to mention, she works for Blaine, so if he gets sent to prison, his life will fall apart around her as well. However, bad as it is, it’s not the worst of their problems.

After promising his Life after lockdown girlfriend that he wouldn’t lie or keep secrets anymore, he went behind her back and made a plea deal without her knowledge.

Lindsey appeals to her past to free her WEtv boyfriend from a jam

Life after lockdownLindsey Downs is in a panic. She knows that Blaine Bailey needs to quickly find $15,000 to pay his lawyer. She knows they have no money, but she plans to help him. So Lindsey springs into action. But, to help her, she must call on her past criminal activities.

Life after lockdown: Lindsey Downs
Life after lockdown: Lindsey Downs – Image credit: WEtv

Lindsey says her past as a drug dealer left her with many people who owed her a lot of money. So she calls someone she knows on the phone and tells them to collect the debts. Blaine’s Life after lockdown does not want her to do so for two reasons.

First of all, he is afraid that she will get into legal trouble. Second, he wants and has already handled things. However, she does not know this and refuses to allow him to continue his wait-and-see attitude.

Life after lockdown: Blaine minding his own business

Blaine knows he’s wrong to hide his news of his plea deal. Life after lockdown partner, Lindsey. But he wants to prove to her that he can handle her problems.

So he also wants to surprise her with the news. He thinks that once she finds out, he won’t have to go to jail for 19 years, that she’ll be happy and everything will be fine between them.

However, Lindsey Downs may not consider the Blaine Bailey news to be good. She may take it as another betrayal of the man she loves. This next relationship test could determine all that goes forward for the Life after lockdown couple.

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