“A Million Little Things” Season 5, Episode 6 Recap Maggie’s Baby Is Born

Friends of Jon officially have a new member.

Javier Chad Mendez was born this week A million little things, an hour that also includes a proposal and the realization of deeply buried parental angst. Read on for “Mic Drop” highlights.

GARY AND MAGIC | That contraction that woke Maggie up at the end of the previous episode? Braxton-Hicks, midwife Mallory says, which means the mom-to-be is not in labor and likely won’t start for another week. Maggie is happy because she wants to officially end her radio show before she has the baby. But Gary is freaked out.

At the radio station, Maggie isn’t thrilled to learn that her replacement/Gary’s former therapist, Dr. Jessica, will be following her for the day. She’s even less happy when Gary pays her a surprise visit, explaining that he’s so freaked out he wants to have “eyes on” her.

When it becomes clear that Maggie is in labor but doesn’t want to give up her microphone, Gary swallows his anger and asks Dr. Jessica to convince her that she is leaving her audience in good hands, paving the way for her to return. home and have the baby. .

So, during a commercial break, Dr. Jessica walks into the studio and apologizes for how she handled everything. She explains that she had a traumatic experience in college and couldn’t find a therapist who understood her, let alone like her. She says she jumped at the chance to bring a dark, feminine, therapeutic voice to the radio station, but now realizes she should have considered Maggie’s feelings more. Then she promises that she will treat the show with care and that she will wait for Maggie when she is ready to return.

When the show returns from hiatus, Maggie introduces her listeners to Dr. Jessica…then realizes that her water has just broken. As Gary quickly ushers her out, Maggie says, “Can someone get Dr. Jessica a new chair?”

Rome and Eddie move Charlie’s old crib to Maggie and Gary’s apartment and manage to get it rebuilt before Maggie, Gary and the midwife show up. Although the midwife and Maggie quickly kick out the extra guys, a nervous Gary asks his friends to stay close, and they agree. Regina, Sophie, Greta and Katherine eventually join them. As Maggie’s labor progresses, the baby’s shoulder gets stuck for a few moments, but he is eventually born healthy. They name him after his grandfather (Gary’s father, Javier) and his uncle (Maggie’s brother, Chad).

EDDIE | The fact that Delilah gave Maggie and Gary carte blanche to take everything they love for baby angers Eddie, who laments in Rome that he barely knows his daughter because he’s never spent much time with her. She. Rome validates his friend’s anger, noting that Delilah was originally only going to France for a short visit, but ultimately decided the move would become permanent. “How could she make such an important decision that would impact your lives and not tell you about it?” he said, and… oh, we’re talking about you and Regina now, Rome. (We’ll get to that in a moment.) Rome ultimately advises Eddie to tell Delilah how he really feels.

When she FaceTimes Eddie after hearing about Javier’s birth, it gives her the opportunity to let him know he’s not excited about her decisions. But they are interrupted when she receives a call from her real estate agent: the house in Massachusetts is sold, so she is almost done putting everything behind her, she announces happily before having to quickly sign. Eddie looks crestfallen.

a-million-little-things-recap-season-5-episode-6-maggie-baby-born-gary-CATHERINE AND GRETA | Katherine brings Greta breakfast in bed on her birthday and surprises her with a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The theme of the trip? Their high school years. But the VW Beetle she rents to take them to the ferry breaks down, meaning they literally miss the boat. While walking on a nearby beach waiting for the tow truck, they come across a picnic. Greta realizes they are on the beach where she asked Katherine to come home years ago. Katherine recounts how she made a mistake all those years ago, then gets down on her knees and proposes. Greta says yes. (And yes, the broken down car was a ruse.)

ROME AND REGINA | Rome is not happy when he learns that Regina spent her airline miles – which they had saved for a trip to Kona – on Dustin and his daughter’s hotel room without consulting him. Later, Dustin shows up at the food truck to say that he left the hotel and that the job he had planned to interview for was filled before he arrived.

Tyrell comes home from college, intending to surprise Valli by attending high school with her. After seeing how much Regina cares about his adopted son, Dustin changes his mind and agrees to place his daughter in foster care…but then Val, moved by their story, offers to let them both stay with them. her for a while. Meanwhile, Tyrell’s plan to surprise Valli is thwarted when he realizes she’s interested in another guy (and going to prom with him). him); they are separating. Before Tyrell returns to Yale, he gives Sophie the bodice he intended to give Valli, and they plan to see each other when his band plays in New Haven in a few weeks. Hmm…

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Baby Mendez is here? Sound off in the comments!


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