‘The Bachelor’ contestant drops truth bomb on racism on ‘The Women Tell All’ special

One of this season’s singles admits she’s ashamed of her actions.

Bachelor competitor Greer Blitzerstole the show on Tuesday night’s “The Women Tell All” special to apologize for standing up for blackface.

The controversy had erupted after tweets from Greer – who continued Zach Shallcross—allegedly written in 2016 resurfaced this season.

Around this time, the 18-year-old voiced her opinion that it was wrong to criticize a teenage classmate who wore blackface at a party.

“The students involved didn’t even know what blackface was, so that’s exactly what I meant. This was not an intentional racist act,” Blitzer, now 24, tweeted at the time.

Greer joined fellow singles who were eliminated on the ABC special and hit the hot seat with the host Jesse Palmer. when he made “disturbing social media posts”, for which Greer previously apologized online.

She tackled the issue head-on and again apologized for her misinformed comments in 2016.

“What happened was racist,” she said, choking and stopping.

“It’s not about intent, it’s about impact and this knowledge of mine, that I knew doing blackface was racist. My defense was racist. My ignorance was racist and I have so much shame.

Greer got emotional when addressing her racist controversy on “The Women Tell All.”

The brunette continued, “I’m just deeply sorry for hurting the black community. I can’t go back in time. All I can do is try to do better now and try to do better in my future.

Jesse noted that Greer had met Dr Kira Banksdiversity, inclusion and equity consultant.

The single person The contestant said: “She drew my attention to how important it is to have an open mind and so important to question things and ask and not just mindlessly do. Before you speak, think. Before you say something that might hurt someone else. And do research.

Greer told the studio audience that she took those lessons to heart: “I really wanted to dive deep into the history of blackface and understand why it was wrong, why it was offensive, and what research I was able to. do, I just realized that was a symbolism to dehumanize the black community and therefore what I said was wrong. What I said was defending that girl as a racist and I want to take responsibility for that. I don’t want to excuse him.

Dr Banks, who was seated in the audience, said: ‘I think it’s important to name and give a voice when these kinds of issues arise, when racism arises, to be prepared to name it.

As fans know, Zach knocked out Greer in the Hungarian leg of The single person after they both recovered from Covid-19.

He told the beauty, who received her first pink impression, that they had had too much time apart.

Because his bonds with other women were stronger, he sent Greer crying.

Zach still has three wives on the show—Ariel Frenkel, Kaity BiggarAnd Gabi Elnicki.


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