This game fixes Myst by adding guns, demons and a sick metal soundtrack

Myst is one of the most revered point-and-click adventure games of all time, known for its meditative nature and thoughtful storytelling. But what if you threw all that Zen exploration of a weird and beautiful island out the window? The Woe Industries team had the courage to ask this question, and the answer they gave is Myst FPS, a “point and kill” adventure game that tasks the player with something truly new – killing demons with a gun.

You can play Myst FPS on Woe Industries’ page. The game, created by Peter Henningsen and Steven Nass, gives the player the visceral thrill of slaying no less than 100 demonic entities. All the while, there’s a sick guitar moaning in the background as a guy sings “Myst! Myst! on the beat. Hell. Yes.

Myst FPS - tiny pixelated winged demons attack the player on the step of a Myst marble building

Image: Malheur Industries

If you fail in your task, the game will unfortunately blame you for not having solved the brain puzzles of Myst. A successful run ends with a screen congratulating you, then sharing a link to join Mensa International, that club for people with high IQs. It’s a short shitpost from a game that you can completely digest in just a few minutes, but it’s still a pretty fun few minutes.

Henningsen and Mass’ Woe Industries have made silly little games in this style widely before, including Food poisoning: the game (“a game about crime, free will and explosive diarrhea”) and the now classic Chris Pratt is Super Mario.


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