Brook Lopez and Trey Lyles brawled after late push on Giannis

Before the season, few would have circled Bucks-Kings on the schedule in March and expected it to produce one of the most intense and exciting games of the season, but that’s what we got. in Sacramento Monday night.

The top seed in the East and the top three seed in the West clashed, with Milwaukee coming back from a double-digit deficit to win the game 133-124, but not before some fireworks in the last minute. After a physical game, Giannis Antetokounmpo dribbles the clock as he crosses the field towards the Bucks bench past Trey Lyles. Lyles decided to reach out and try to fend off the ball, fouling Giannis and then pushing him away.

Brook Lopez objected to this and found himself facing Lyles, which led to Lyles smashing Lopez’s face and starting a fight. Lyles appeared to have his hand on Lopez’s neck as Brook had a firm grip on Lyles’ head that he wouldn’t let go, pushing Lyles and a bunch of bodies onto the scorer table as everyone tried to pry. and infuriate Lopez.

Lopez had been hot for a while as he had been shot in the eye which caused him to bleed earlier in the fourth and that fire was still smoldering when Lyles put his hand to his face and it caused Brook to snap. Lopez is a very tall individual and it took a lot to separate the two with Lopez eventually being escorted to the Bucks bench. You don’t often see the Bucks center go this crazy, but he and Lyles both got their ejections just before the end of the game, with Milwaukee picking up the win.


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