Raquel Leviss claims Lala convinced Oliver was single

Raquel Leviss claims Lala Kent convinced Oliver was single as Lala slams Raquel as "Dirty" Bottom-Feeder and Andy Cohen discuss meeting pump rules amid legal drama

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Raquel Leviss complaints Lala Kent convinced her Oliver Saunders was single during their acting trip to Las Vegas last summer.

As Lala shaded her Vanderpump Rules castmate on his podcast and Andy Cohen spoke about the upcoming reunion taping amid Raquel’s legal drama with Scheana ShayRaquel said that due to Lala’s own flirtation with Oliver, she “100%” believes he is no longer married to Oliver. Samantha Saunders.

“I was like, ‘Oh, Lala mentioned meeting him at the opening of Vanderpump in Paris, and she was saying she was kinda into him,'” Raquel explained on a recent episode of Page Six. Virtual Reali-Tea podcast. “And it made me think he was single. There was no thought in my head that he was [not].”

As Raquel shared, Oliver told her “at close range”: “’I’m separated from my wife and I have a child’” and, because she felt charmed by his “really good personality and found “the way he talked about his son” to be “very endearing,” she found herself thinking, “I’m a bit of a fan of that guy.”

“And then Lala gave me the green light,” she recalls.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Scheana said that due to Oliver’s relationship status being “an immediate red flag” for Lala, she told Raquel she could “have it”, even if she had a “crush” on Garcelle Beauvais‘ son.

“[Raquel] put in such a bad position… [It was] not her fault,” Scheana noted, defending her co-star just days before it was revealed that she and Tom Sandovalthe boyfriend of their mutual friend and teammate Ariana Madixwould have had an affair.

Following the news of Sandoval and Raquel’s relationship, Lala went after Raquel on her podcast.

“Bottom feeders attract bottom feeders and the real ones recognize the real ones,” Lala said on the March 9 episode of Give them Lala, via Us Weekly. “That’s how it’s always been.”

According to Lala, Raquel’s behavior in the middle of Season 10, which included dates with Pierre Madrigal and an appointment with Tom Schwartz“feels very climbing.”

“There are plenty of guys to kiss with. You have to get out of the group,” she advised. “For him to be your best friend’s guy, it’s just disgusting. That she comes back, the group will never forget her. It’s low and dirty stuff.

“Personally, I would leave, I would run away and I would go home, I would go and live my life,” Lala continued. “You don’t expect your female best friend to do this to you. And sit there and look you in the eye and confide and go to lunch when all the time that’s what she’s been doing behind your back? It’s absolutely terrifying.

Although Lala said that she and Katie Maloney “pick up” a scent mid-production, they could never have imagined the destruction Raquel would ultimately wreak.

“This is Ariana’s real life. This is everyone’s real life, and I’m heartbroken for her. I can’t even imagine. She’s going to come out of this looking at her life differently” , she shared.

Although Lala is understandably disgusted by Raquel’s behavior, she has no intention of getting “physical” at the next meeting.

“I’m not trying to catch a case,” she explained. “Plus, there’s something about putting my hands on someone who’s feeling bad. So it won’t be me, but I’ve never really been a physical person. That’s why I talk the way I do. I don’t know how the rest of the cast will be. I think there will definitely be a lot of security.

As for how Ariana is doing today, Lala said she was texting her and checking in with friends before noting that she plans to keep her distance “until the injury isn’t so fresh. “.

Lala then apparently compared the scandal to the end of her relationship with Randall Emmet.

“[Sandoval] dimmed its light. Faded. He wore it down,” she said. “And you want to know how I know?” Because I was in something like that, where I was like, ‘God, you’re so boring, I’m exhausted by you.'”

In other news, on a recent episode of his SiriusXM radio show, Andy answered fan questions about the taping of the reunion, which is set to be filmed in just two weeks – ahead of Raquel’s restraining order. against Scheana, whom she accused of assault (which Scheana denies), expires.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get into it,” Andy admitted on the March 8 episode of Andy Cohen live, via Us Weekly. “The meeting is about two and a half weeks away, and I think there will be a lot going on in the two and a half weeks. There’s so much going on every day, so I don’t know.

Then, when Andy was asked if Sandoval and Raquel would skip the taping, Andy said the special would be “awesome” no matter what.

“I don’t want to delve into hypothetical situations because I don’t want to be quoted talking about a hypothesis,” Andy replied. “All I can say is we’re going to have a meeting, and that’s what I can tell you. We’re gonna set up a meeting, and it’s gonna be great. What about that? »

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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