Italian band Doom MESSA set to release new live album “Messa”

MESSA fans have something to look forward to next April 28 as the band release their new live album, “Messa – Live at Roadburn.” The album features songs from their critically acclaimed album “CLOSE”. Additionally, it captures their performance at Roadburn Festival 2022 with a unique extended lineup.
The Roadburn Festival set was one of the most talked about performances of the 2022 edition, and this new album allows fans to relive the experience. MESSA’s captivating performance featuring a unique constellation of musicians and instruments that give their music a distinctive sound left audiences spellbound. Additionally, the album features selected excerpts from their album “CLOSE,” which critics have praised for fleshing out their place in the past, present, and future of doom metal.

The live album includes tracks such as “Suspended”, “Orphalese”, “0=2”, and “Pilgrim”. The band involved Giorgio Trombino on oud, duduk and saxophone, Alex Fernet on mandolin and acoustic guitar, and Blak Saagan on synthesizers to recreate the sounds of ‘CLOSE’ in their proper form.

“Messa – Live at Roadburn” is set to be released on CD, LP and digital via Svart Records. This new album showcases the band’s commanding presence and lead singer Sara’s powerful voice. The band’s ability to combine Mediterranean sounds with crushing doom riffs and create a unique atmosphere is why they are one of the leaders of heavy underground.


If you are a MESSA fan or a doom metal lover, then this album is a must. ‘Messa – Live at Roadburn’ is the magic of MESSA live chemistry you want to enjoy. So, with the release slated for April 28th, pre-register your copy and witness the brilliance of MESSA’s dominating presence.


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