Fast & Furious universe timeline explained

The trailer for the penultimate Quick & Livid movie, x fast, debuted last month, reigniting interest in the street racing action franchise. But new viewers whose interest has been piqued by the new film have a sophisticated journey ahead of them if they are to embark on the previous films. The franchise (which is bigger than you’d probably imagine) is infamous for its rocky timeline, through which later films actually happen earlier than their predecessors and character stories are altered by frequent retcons. Here is the list of important details to remember for new and old subscribers.

The first “Quick & Livid” films

The bright and the lividlaunched in 2001, follows LA cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) as he infiltrates the world of underground street racing to seek out the forensic team that stole vans in daring auto heists. Brian goes undercover with Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Wine Diesel) street racing crew, becoming close friends with Dom and so far starting his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). However, when it becomes clear that Dom and his crew are the truth, they are the thieves. Brian reveals his identity to Mia and the pair save Dom and the company after their new trucker purpose opens fire on them with a shotgun. Although Dom is outraged to find out that Brian is a cop, the pair once again work together to avenge their good friend Jesse (Chad Lindberg) after being killed by a rival crew. Dom and Brian then interact in another avenue race through which Dom is somehow killed in a collision with an oncoming truck. Brian then provides him with the keys to his car, so Dom can evade law enforcement pursuit.

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Diesel and other main cast members did not return for the first sequel. As an alternative, 2 quick 2 livid, launched in 2003, functions as a quasi-spin-off for Walker. Because opportunities in Los Angeles earned him his profession as a cop, Brian adopted the outlaw lifestyle, spending his time running around Miami until he was arrested by the United States Customs Service. Brian has a choice to avoid jail time by aiding a joint Customs and FBI mission to arrest drug dealer Carter Verone (Cole Hauser) by going undercover as his group’s driver. Brian agrees on the situation he can pass on good childhood friend and ex-con Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) as a companion. After Verone is captured, Brian and Roman discreetly steal some of his money before it is put into evidence, planning to use it to open a warehouse together. Nonetheless, on some unknown level, Brian would instead return to law enforcement, narrowly making himself an FBI agent. The function was preceded by a brief film, The Prelude Turbo Charged for two Quick 2 Lividwhich depicted Brian leaving Los Angeles and performing before 2 Quick to choose theatres.

Time Jump “Tokyo Drift”

Drift of Tokyo Han
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The Third Movie, 2006 The Fast and the Livid: Tokyo Drift This is where the timeline gets really tricky. Although the film is mainly about American teenager Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), who is forced to travel to Tokyo, is his good friend and street racing mentor Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) which has become an even more important part of the larger franchise. A role model of Han named Han Lue has already been featured in another film by director Justin Lin, Better luck tomorrow (Lin considers them the same character) and was clearly a favorite of the filmmaker, as the Fast the franchise went on to feature him in the next 4 Lin-directed films, although the character was killed in a car accident near the tip of Tokyo Drift. In an effort to continue using the character, Lin set the following three films before the events of Tokyo Drift. This timeline change was set up by a Diesel cameo at the end of Tokyo Driftthrough which Dom meets Sean and hints at a long friendship with Han.

A quick second film, Los Bandolerosunites the occasions of the fourth function with the confused title, 2009 Quick and lividand depicts Dom establishing a team, which included Han, to rob gas-powered vans in the Dominican Republic. Quick and livid brought together Diesel, Walker, Brewster and another genuine movie star Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Dom’s girlfriend, Letty Ortiz. When Letty is apparently killed while working as a confidential informant for the FBI, Brian and Dom work to bring her goal and her killer, cartel leader Arturo Braga, to justice, with Dom and Mia coming to forgive Brian for his deception in the first film over time. . Although they effectively take over Braga, Dom can be arrested and sentenced to life in prison for his previous crimes. Believing that unrighteous Brian once again abandons his career in law enforcement and he and Mia stage a roadside escape, leading right into the next movie.

In 2011 Quick 5 the trio, now all necessary fugitives, flee to Rio de Janeiro, where they run into indigenous drug lord Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) while being pursued by Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne The Rock Johnson). They decide to steal $100 million from Reyes and use it to evade the reach of the legislation, recruiting a team of former allies including Han, Roman, and others to act. In the film’s post-credits scene, Hobbs learns that Letty is still alive.

2013 Furious 6 collectively linked a number of disparate timelines and scenarios. The crew works with Hobbs to transport Letty House and take down her new legal boss Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Brian discovers that Braga worked for Shaw, explaining how the latter came into contact with Letty, who had amnesia after Braga’s first attempt to kill her. Shaw chose to take the opportunity to recruit her instead of killing her as Braga needed. The crew manage to persuade Letty to join them and defeat Shaw, who is catapulted out of a plane during a fight with Dom. Nevertheless, throughout the closing scene, Giselle Yashar (Gal Gadot), Han’s girlfriend, is killed. This motivates Han to go to Tokyo like he and Giselle had always talked about. The film’s mid-credits scene depicts his disappearance from Tokyo Drift from a unique vantage point, revealing that it was not an accidental collision and that the opposing vehicle was pushed by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), Owen’s older brother, who watches Dom’s team for revenge. This scene and Dom de Tokyo Drift have once again proven themselves throughout Furious 7which also expands on Dom’s interaction with Sean, putting plenty of opportunities for Tokyo Drift between the sixth and seventh films, although the beginning of Furious 7 also barely goes back in time to indicate how Shaw realized Han’s location.

Furiously complicated twists

John Cena and Vin Diesel in F9
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Subsequent films followed a simpler timeline, with each succeeding sequentially. It’s possible that a future installment will reveal that 2021 F9: the fast saga roughly predates the 2019 spin-off Quick and Livid Gifts: Hobbs and Shaw, but at this time there is no textual evidence for this case. Nonetheless, later entries have continued to include additional throwbacks to the franchise’s history that complicate the timeline, usually in an effort to make it logically inconceivable for all the completely different occasions to have taken place as mentioned. For example, in 2017 The fate of the livid it is revealed that Elena Neves (Elsa Pataki), a former Brazilian police officer, became pregnant with Dom’s son Brian while she and Dom were in a relationship before he realized Letty was still alive. Brian remains to be proven as a toddler in his first look, which means the opportunities for Furious 6 And 7 can only occur over a period of some 12 months. However, this contradicts these films, because Furious 6 confirmed the debut of Brian O’Conner and Mia’s son, Jack, who went on to prove himself in college Furious 7suggesting a time jump of no less than two years between films.

Han’s fate was also changed, creating additional gaps in the length between installments. F9 revealed that not only did the character turn out to be a spy working for CIA agent Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) throughout his time in Tokyo, he truly survived Shaw’s onslaught. Mr. Nobody Knew Shaw was coming and warned Han, with the pair developing a plan to fake Han’s death so he could defend Elle (Anna Sawai), a young woman whose biometrics was the key to a doomsday weapon. This addition to Han’s backstory means he was in Tokyo for a long period of time before Shaw’s assault, making the quick timeline led by The fate of the livid much more amazing.

Clearly, the franchise’s story is rocky, and looks to be even more so with the trailer for x fast including other characters and occasions to the tale of Quick 5. However, that shouldn’t stop viewers from enjoying the movies. Fast-paced movies are old-fashioned pastimes, and the character relationships and outrageously enjoyable motion scenes have a lot of convoluted timeline points.


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