Dead Man Theory Defies Extinction With ‘Dinosaur’

VThe four musicians of Theory of a Deadman, originally from Ancouver, are scattered throughout North America.

Vocalist/guitarist Tyler Connolly lives in Los Angeles, while guitarist/backing vocalist Dave Breen is in Montgomery, Alabama; bassist Dean Back is outside of Vancouver, BC; and the drummer/singer is in Las Vegas.

So, Back is anticipating a reunion with his Theory of a Deadman bandmates on the upcoming Rock Resurrection tour dates with Skillet and Saint Asonia. The ride arrives at the Arizona Federal Theater on Wednesday, March 22.

“Since COVID, we haven’t done an extended tour,” Back says. “We did a quick little run in Australia and New Zealand with Halestorm. The Skillet / Saint Asonia tour is going to be a lot of fun. The four of us live in different cities in North America. Unless we’re on tour, we don’t spend a lot of time together. I’m excited to be back with the boys and join my other family.

The group is pushing the next chapter of their career, the album “Dinosaur”, which is out Friday, March 17.

“We’re going to bring in a big production,” Back says. “It’s going to be a great rock show – so much fun.

“We’re going to have new songs, old songs. We have been working on it for more than 20 years. This is our eighth record. It becomes more and more difficult to choose a set list. At the start of the tour, the set list may change a bit. In Phoenix, we should all be streamlined and ready to go.

With “Dinosaur,” the title track, which opens the collection, packs a mighty punch musically and emotionally, with the lyrics, “Hey kids, boys and girls, now we really made it. is the end of the world…. Now we go out, like the dinosaur.

“Head in the Clouds” shows Theory of a Deadman’s ability to harmonize perfectly and write the quintessential exuberant pop song.

The upbeat breakup song “Two of Us (Stuck)” takes the chorus from Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers’ classic “Just the Two of Us” and turns it into a trademark assault on Theory of a Deadman.

“‘Two of Us (Stuck)’ is a cool song,” Back says. “Tyler wrote it while everyone was in quarantine. You hear so many songs from couples who aren’t really surviving the pandemic and who’ve been quarantined together for so long. It starts out great and romantic but gets a bit darker towards the end.

‘Dinosaur’ is Theory of a Deadman’s sequel to 2020’s ‘Say Nothing’. The next disc was produced by Martin Terefe, whose credits include Jason Mraz and Yungblud, and recorded at Atlantis Studios in Sweden.

Terefe also turned the knobs for Theory of a Deadman’s “Wake Up Call” album in 2017, but which was recorded in London.

“‘Dinosaur’ came together in a really awesome and organic way,” Back says. “It was a cool new experience for us. We recorded the first half in Stockholm, Sweden, in the studio where ABBA used to record. They made other rock records there. Ghost was just recording there.

“We stayed there for three weeks. We released all the drums, bass and guitars. It was cool to live in Stockholm for three weeks. My family is from Denmark, so I love being in Scandinavia.

Working with Terefe is “incredible, super comfortable,” says Back.

“Martin is like a fifth member,” he adds. “He’s a mad scientist. He hears all those things that we don’t hear. He comes from a more European musical background. He hears samples and ambient stuff, synth sounds, etc. He’ll play a song and he’ll say, “I have an idea. Let’s add some keyboard and cool moody sounds. It really brings more life to the songs.

Theory of a Deadman has maintained its popularity for 20 years. They founded the band while jamming together in basements throughout high school in their hometown of North Delta, British Columbia.

Founded in 1999, Theory of a Deadman were the first band signed to Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records in 2001. The following year, they released their self-titled album.

In addition to 2008’s breakthrough double-platinum album ‘Scars & Memories’, Theory of a Deadman released gold disc ‘The Truth Is…’ in 2011 and marked a procession of success.

When the bassist looks back on his two-decade career, he immediately thinks of the beginnings.

“It doesn’t seem that far away,” he said. “I think of all the records we’ve released and what we’ve done since. We’ve been working on it for quite a while. I love playing. I love seeing fans and feeling the energy of being in a live room with music. It’s addictive. During the two years of confinement, it was something that I really missed in my life. Being able to tour again and get it back feels like home.

Stove and Theory of a Dead Man with Saint Asonia

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 22

OR: Arizona Financial Theatre, 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix

COST: Tickets start at $39.50



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