‘Real Housewives’ Producers Shed Media Slammed by Brandi

Brandi Glanville’s Lawyers require that Shed Media delivers crucial audio who could prove their client right.

Brandi Glanville says she didn’t sexually harass Caroline Manzo

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The reality TV star is pushing her lawyers to clarify that she shouldn’t be accused of sexual harassment by Caroline Manzo. Brandi’s attorneys have sent a letter to Warner Bros requesting the release of audio and video that could justify her wild accusations.

Manzo claimed a few weeks ago that while filming season four of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco.

the veteran The Real Housewives of New Jersey The star claimed Brandi forced ‘unwanted kisses’ on her and started touching her chest and genitals. Sources shared that the housewives were playing a game at a private home during filming when the incident happened.

Brandi allegedly “stuck her tongue [Manzo’s] throat.” The 61-year-old fled to the bathroom and Brandi followed him.

Brandi Glanville’s alleged assault continues


As Manzo tried to hide from an out of control Brandi, she managed to force her way into the bathroom. Brandi allegedly “pinned Caroline against the wall.” Then she proceeded to “put her hands on Caroline’s chest and vaginal area.”

Brandi and the rest of the cast received alcohol from the production company, something Brandi has let her drinking spiral out of control in the past. It is alleged that this incident happened off-camera, but Brandi’s attorneys want to see the footage for themselves.

They accuse the production company of deliberately withholding footage to increase drama and ratings for the upcoming season.

Brandi Glanville’s lawyers released a statement

'Real Housewives' Producers Shed Media Slammed by Brandi
Instagram/Brandi Glanville

A statement to media from Shed and Warner Bros. reads:

“It is absolutely unacceptable for your company to knowingly and willfully allow such a story to take hold of the media, without any regard for the truth or the impact on Ms. Glanville’s reputation.”

He lambasted the entertainment companies for their “cynical ratings strategy”, knowing that potential views would be all over this tidbit of information.

An investigation was conducted by Shed Media and attorneys for Warner Bros. Brandi insists the investigation remained empty and that they could save Brandi’s reputation with a simple audio or video clip to help clear her name.

“In this bathroom, as the audio will confirm, nothing inappropriate or illegal happened. As you know both from your [investigation] and the audio and video you have, the four women washed their hands before returning to the party where they ate and chatted.

Caroline Manzo was “happy”

'Real Housewives' Producers Shed Media Slammed by Brandi
Instagram/Brandi Glanville

The former reality TV star reportedly seemed happy and not at all introverted when the women were together that night. Brandi’s attorney even claimed the flirtation was mutual that night.

“Throughout Ms Manzo appeared to be having a good time and did not telegraph any signs that she wanted Ms Glanville to leave her. Overall, the whole incident was made up of flirtatious conduct and kisses between Ms. Manzo and Ms. Glanville, and it was all absolutely mutual and consensual.

There are supposedly three eyewitnesses who are on Brandi’s side in all of this, and they have been recorded. Only time will tell what really happened.


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