Selena Gomez fans are SHOCKED to hear that Justin Bieber is STILL following her on Twitter!

These days, social media is one of the tried and tested ways for fans to follow celebrity dramas, especially when it comes to romances! Whether it’s hinting that things are on the rocks or that sparks are flying again, a simple follow-up can say a LOT!

That’s exactly why Selena Gomez And justin bieber fans are shocked AF after learning that the pair are always one after the other ! With everything that happened between Selena and the musician’s wife Hailey Bieber in recent weeks, an eagle eye ICT Tac The user decided to explore social media when he noticed something REALLY weird. Safer TwitterSelly G and JB follow each other’s profile.

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In the video, the internet sleuth checked both profiles and determined they were following each other. While Justin follows over 200,000 people on the platform, Selena only follows just over 1,000, so she must know he’s still on the list! Check it out:


In response to @irishmolly8 @selenagomez and @justinbieber follow each other on Twitter ???????????? How are we today @haileybieber? #teamselena #selanators

♬ Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez

While the initial post claimed the duo had just ‘started’ following each other amid accusations of Selena being bullied by Hailey, some fans claim the former lovers never stopped after they called it quits a while ago. many years, saying:

“Guys…they’ve been following each other since 2009. They’ve never unfollowed.”

TBH, it’s still surprising! As Perezcious readers know, the performers dated from 2010 to 2018 when they called things off for good. A few weeks later, the Canadian got down on his knees and got engaged to the model, followed by a quick wedding a few months later. Since then, the drama has not ceased. More recently, Hailey blew herself up after it looked like she and Kylie Jenner made fun of the thirty-something. Fans then dug up a ton of old videos and photos while claiming the Rhode skin the founder came out to get the Only murders in the building star from the very beginning. To prove how bad things have gone, while the grammys winner was performing at Ride hard music festival over the weekend, the crowd started chanting “f**k Hailey Bieber!”

Pretty brutal…

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It’s been messy AF for a long time, but especially now! So the very idea of ​​exes checking each other out on Twitter is shocking to most fans, who wrote on social media:

“What’s going on fr?”

“He also pinned his song Ghost on Twitter… any clue who he wrote it for?

“Once this becomes popular and Hailey sees the video, she will unfollow Selena from Justin’s account.”

“Is this a love to foe to foe to foe to foe to lover arc again”


To be fair, Justin and Selena barely use Twitter, and when they do, it’s mostly for promotion, so we guess it’s not as bad as following each other on instagram where they are both very active. And for the record, we checked IG and they have no association with each other! So while this is wild information to unearth, we guess it might not mean much… what do you think? ! Its OFF (below)!

[Image via Late Night/Ellen Show/Hailey Bieber/YouTube]


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