Andy Cohen noticed the looks Raquel Leviss gave Tom

Andy Cohen is still reeling from love triangle news involving the Vanderpump Rules stars but admits he saw it coming.

Andy Cohen noticed Raquel Leviss was sleazy

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The Bravo ex has some thoughts on this month’s long affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, first he’s “disgusted” and second he may have seen some weird signs about it.

Andy shared on his radio show “Andy Cohen Live” on Sirius XM a moment that took place during his late night Bravo show Watch what’s happening live not so long ago, where Raquel and Scheana Shay appeared as guests.

During one of Andy’s sleazy games, Raquel revealed that she thinks Sandoval is actually hotter than Tom Schwartz, who she’s currently trying to connect with on the show. This shocked Andy who replied, “I looked up and said to Raquel, ‘Oh you said Sandoval, hmm’ and then we moved on.”

Andy Cohen think twice now

Andy Cohen is seen at "Jimmy Kimmel live" in Los Angeles, California.

The TV host now realizes that Raquel may have dropped clues. Scheana asked Raquel about her answer.

“Scheana said – I guess Scheana’s antenna was on – and Scheana said to Raquel, ‘You know I chose Sandoval because I knew you were going to choose Schwartz’, and Raquel said, ‘Hey well Sandoval has abs’ and sort of shrugged, so you know that was interesting.

The answer is certainly odd, but it didn’t make the father-of-two think anything sinister was going on at the time. Now that the news is out, he admitted to messaging Scheana almost immediately for some sort of confirmation.

Although he said he wouldn’t share what Scheana shared with him, he did. Let him know he was right to think his answer was out of pocket.

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval made it obvious

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Cohen shared that Raquel’s response made him think back to the Boys’ appearance on WWHL after the first episode and how weird Schwartz was acting. As if he was nervous and needed advice from his buddy Sandoval.

“When Schwartz was with Sandoval on premiere night, there was a weird energy between them,” Cohen explained. “Schwartz was watching Sandoval all the time – almost for advice on answers.”

Andy now wants to know exactly when Schwartz discovered this situation.

Raquel Leviss was watching Tom Sandoval in October

Andy Cohen noticed...

Andy also spoke about Raquel’s energy around Sandoval when “Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras” performed at BravoCon in October. “I was at this show, and I’m standing there, and Raquel is standing behind me, and Ariana is in front of me, and you can see how they’re both staring at Sandoval. It’s wild.

Andy didn’t mince words about his feelings about the case. He described it on “Andy Cohen Live” as “disturbing”, “shocking” and “upsetting”. He also confirmed that filming is underway and will take place before the reunion.

The meeting should be filmed in two weeks, it will probably be the first time Ariana will see Sandoval face to face after this week. It will be annoying for sure.


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