Govinda opens up on fallout with Krushna Abhishek

Bollywood actor Govinda was one of the popular actors who was loved for his innocent smile and dancing skills. Virar boy came and conquered Bollywood. He quickly earned the No. 1 hero title. Recently, the actor sat down to chat with us on Chemistry 101 with his wife Sunita Ahuja.

Govinda at odds with Krushna

During the conversation, the actor and his wife talked about his career, his wife, his children and also his fallout with his nephew Krushna Abhishek.

Speaking of which, Sunita said, “Please do not ask about them. ‘Cause everything they said on your show wasn’t the truth, that’s why I’m getting mad. He will never tell them anything. Now I repent why did I care for them.” Govinda asks her to calm down. ‘Look, I told you he is‘. She further added.

Govinda, Krushna fallout

Govindaji said:Ghar pariwar ki baatein media ke through discuss nahi ho toh woh zyada acha hota hai. (See, I think every man has his own nature, but we should never discuss family matters through the media)

Sunita added, “toh why they said it’s ok with you abhi aapke bar mein jhoot bola bola uske show mein humko sirf chichi mama ne 2000 rupay diya kuch help nahi kiya toh phir jab when they say it’s ok with you it’s not good when they don’t care about talking in the media and all so I don’t know why you’re so bothered. (So ​​why they (Krushna and Aarti) said, they lied in the show that Chi Chi mama only gave us 2000 Rs. He (Govinda) did not help us, so when they say it, it u going. That’s not true. He also went to the Maniesh Paul show. When they don’t care to talk in the media and all
so I don’t know why you’re so bothered)

He added, “We samay jo hai mera aisa sochna hai ke sab ka mom tay karti this is sabhi ka
aur inn logon ke paas mein kya kaha gaya hai aur chote the stories toh kya inke dikhai gayi hai
kya kahaniya tay ki gayi hai hota kya hai ke aap jis waqt bohot khyal kar rahe hote hai toh aapke aapki achai kidnap kardi jaati hai ke inhone kuch bhi nahi kiya humne karna hai jo bhi kar rahe hai
aisa ho jata hai jo kar raha hota hai woh soch raha hota hai usse lagne lagta hai ke bhai main toh acha kar raha hoon. (At that time, my mother decided everyone. I don’t know what they were told because they were small. So what stories were offered to them. It turns out that when you take care of people a lot others take credit for it. But the one who does everything feels that I am doing good for others. Their father was a very nice person and their mother was my favorite sister, so I don’t argue with them. If you are not praising me than thank you very much. The truth will be revealed one day.)

Watch the full interview with Govinda and Sunita here:

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