‘SNL’ Video: ‘Straight Male Friend’ Announcement – Travis Kelce

We all know the gay best friend is the one to turn to when life gives you emotional lemons, right? But who does the Gay Best Friend turn to when things go wrong?

saturday night live penned NFL star Travis Kelce to answer that question in their fake prescription drug ad, “Straight Male Friend.”

Kelce – who won his second Super Bowl ring last month while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs – is the latest bearer of a proud tradition of welcoming sports stars SNL. He has a light, self-effacing manner that seems to make it easy for writers to build sketches around him. Whether as an octogenarian’s boy toy or a creepy American Girl doll fan or a weirdly effective self-defense trainer, Kelce demonstrates a surprising versatility for a sketch comedian for the first time.

But his best job is to play it outright. Like, suuuuuuper right. In the fake ad, Bowen Yang is a gay best friend looking for a low-stress relationship to balance the high-stress one with his daughters (Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner). Enter Kelce as a broey-est bro who ever raised a bro.

Straight Male Friend is billed as the perfect emotional respite from the deep intimacy of close female friendships: no crying or listening to each other’s problems or, well, anything but video games and chicken wings. It will not overwhelm you when a family member dies; in fact, he’ll even apologize for bringing it up. “Yo, sorry to be ap-y about my dad dying earlier” is probably the biggest line in history…sorry, Brostory.

There are funny disclaimers at the bottom of the screen like “he won’t even bother to learn your last name” or “Straight friend can cause significant weight gain” while friends eat at Wing Pit. Basically, if you’re the type of person who prefers cats to dogs because they’re low maintenance, then you’ll have the appeal.

Also, big bonus points for adding every Straight Male Friend decor pattern: Funko Pops, a mountain bike, an XBox (by far the straightest of gaming rigs), and a sidebar. Creation poster placed on the ground instead of being hung up. It’s as if the writers knew real white heterosexuals!

Watch the video below, then rate this week’s episode in our poll:


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