Pregnant Kaley Cuoco reveals what kind of mom she will be


The 37 year old man Flight attendant the actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, ozark alum Tom Pelfrey.

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Talk to entertainment tonight, Kaley said she hadn’t actually done any research or read any type of parenting book to prepare.

“I don’t have any plans and haven’t read any books, so that’s the kind of mum I’ll be,” she admits. “All the ways I’m not like a prepper. I’m not like that. It’s gonna be great, I trust the process.

Kaley added that “Tom has Googled enough for both of us. He could probably deliver this baby at this point. I’m just like, ‘This is going to be awesome.’ But that’s how I went through life. I think these days we’re so caught up, right? We didn’t even have all that at our fingertips and now it’s almost too much.

She also talked about leaning on her mom friends for advice.

“My girlfriend who I was on the phone with the other day because I had a question about something, she also has a newborn baby. I said, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do,” and she was like, “Your baby is going to tell you what to do,” and I love that,” Kaley share. “I was like, I know I tell people what to do. If this child is like me, she’s going to say, “That’s what I want,” and I just need to listen.

There is also a person who is very excited to meet Kaley And To M‘s baby – his mama!

“My mom is amazing,” she shared. “She has honestly been expecting a grandchild for about 20 years. So she is absolutely thrilled.

Just during the holidays, Kaley showed off her bare baby bump. See the pictures !


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