Andy Cohen on hiding Juan’s cheating

Robyn Dixon

 Andy Cohen put The Real Housewives of the Potomac star, Robyn Dixon, on the blast during a Sunday appearance on Watch what’s happening livefor failing to tell the truth about her current husband, by Juan Dixon relationship with another woman.

Robyn Dixon

Andy called Robyne just days after confessing to knowing Juan’s relationship with another woman, which took place during the pandemic. The Bravo boss disputed Robyne shut down the show only to then spill the tea on his podcast.

“You hide the truth about the reality show you’re on, but then sell it behind a paywall,” Andy said RobyneSunday night.

Robyne replied – “Well, I talked about it on the free podcast and didn’t hold back.”

Robyne claimed that she only spoke about the betrayal because the other woman produced receipts, via a blog.

“This information was given like last week or the week before on a blog,” she said. “She was telling lies and I felt I had to correct the lies.”

The woman produced a receipt proving that John had paid for a hotel room – but Robyne insisted the payment did not incriminate her then-fiancé.

Robyne explained – “She lives in Canada. Canada was clearly on a strict lockdown during the pandemics, so the hotel receipt comes into play because for some reason she decided she wanted to fly to Maryland. And she had told Juan that she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player. So she tells him she’s flying out to Maryland and he’s like ‘Okay, whatever.’ But somewhere along the way, she gets to Maryland, she reaches out to him. She tells him that she lost her wallet at the casino and she can’t pay for her hotel room, so he feels bad for her.

“Apparently she was like, really stressed, really clueless. He goes to the hotel, puts his card at the counter and that’s it,” she added.

Robyne claimed that the encounter was the only time John had met the woman in person, before admitting the story sounded like “bullshit*t”.

“When I found out about it, it seemed like BS to me but he was very…I believe him. And also based on what she revealed last week, I believe him,” the Bravo star said. .

Robyn Dixon

Andy did not leave Robyne slipping – as she was filmed closing Karen Huger’charges against her future husband.

Andy emphasized — “The expectation is that you share everything that happens in your life. So that’s why. It is not a question of “choosing me”, of waiting to be chosen. It’s ‘Hey, we’ve been through something and this is what’s happening in our lives.’

“But it was not a problem at that time while we were filming”, Robyne against.

“But that had been a problem in your relationship,” Andy retaliate, as Robyne noted that the question “was irrelevant to where we are in the present day”.

Robyn Dixon

Robyne ultimately decided not to add an infidelity clause to the couple’s prenuptial agreement, even though she was aware of Juan’s chick side.

She explained – “I guess it’s just the luck you’re taking. And at the meeting I said, ‘It could very well work against me if for some reason years later I end up by doing something,” and so it got a little muddy and a little murky trying to figure out what an infidelity clause looks like.

Robyn Dixon

Chris Bassette aimed at both Gizelle Bryant And Ashley Darby after news of Juan’s betrayal came out – accusing the RHOP ladies of lying about him to distract from Robyne And Juan’s issues.

Robyne argued – “I don’t know how Ashley play in there, at all. We never discussed it, so I don’t know how she plays into it. As it concerns Gizelle, I am on Gizelle tell you, we’re really, really, really good friends. We talked about it when it happened, so why should she talk about it during filming when she and I have already talked about it?

Andy pointed out that Gizelle had previously targeted both Wendy Osefo And Candice Dillard.

Andy said – “Well, she had no problem bringing up the mess of others on the show.”

“Good but what, it was, I can’t speak for her. I really can’t,” Robyne replied, before admitting that “maybe” a double standard existed.

“But I would actually expect Candiace do this for Wendy. For example, if the roles were reversed and other people were in the same situation, I would expect other people to do the same for their friends,” she said.

Robyn Dixon

Andy put Robyne on the hot seat to slam Karine after she dropped the allegations, even though she knew her co-star’s accusations against John had merit.

Robyne joked, “Well, we all have skeletons, I believe.”

“But you really laughed about it… It was like, ‘Oh my god, that could never happen. That’s ridiculous,'” Andy said.

“No. I didn’t say that” Robyne retaliated. “She tells me, ‘Robyne, John has a girlfriend with blonde hair that looks like me that he walks around Georgetown holding hands and you know it. I had never heard that in my life… A blonde in Georgetown is not the same thing as a woman on the other side of Canada.

She added: “A Karine brought her…everything she really got on the show? No. And I don’t expect them to talk like that when it’s something so damaging.

Robyne told the host that she didn’t expect transparency from her castmates, when personal relationships were involved.

“If someone asked me about my relationship and said, ‘Oh, I heard that rumor,’ then I would do the same. I would offer it to them,” she said. ‘not demand transparency about anyone’s relationship.”

Andy asked Robyne to explain why she did not reveal the delay of her marriage, referring to her later admission that Juan’s it was the behavior that pushed the date back.

“It was a combination of things and so I can’t say 100%, that situation is why it didn’t happen on everyone’s timeline,” Robyne revealed. “There was a combination of reasons why it didn’t happen on everyone’s timeline.”




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