Eboni K. Williams reveals plans to be a single mom


THE The Real Housewives of New York alum revealed the “life update” in an interview with Go to Hollywood. “I’m actually going on a journey of single motherhood,” Ebony said, by Bravo The dish of the day. “I don’t want to jinx myself by sharing too many details, but I’m deep in my process. I have embryos and I plan to transfer them later this year,” she added.

And why not? Ebony is very successful and has the resources and passion for motherhood. “So I’m in it for real,” she said. “Hopefully, God willing, baby is coming soon.”

But Ebony said finding a partner was ‘not my priority’, she revealed she had reconnected with someone she dated almost a decade ago. Her dentist recently “reintroduced” them.

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“We reconnected recently, and listen, we’re just getting to know each other,” Ebony explain. “It’s all very cool, very laid back, but it’s interesting, so we’ll say it.”

THE Bet on black the author remained vague, as she tended to do about her love life on RHONY. To be fair, Ebony did not continue real housewives being on the typical drink, date, vacation, rinse, and repeat schedule.

“I believe in timing. I believe in the timing of life and love and all that,” Ebony continued. “I was texting a good girlfriend this morning, ‘Listen, I’m totally open to this. I’m not going to force it and I’m not going to fight it. So here we go,’ she added .

Ebony is cautiously optimistic about her reproductive efforts and reiterated that her current focus is on motherhood. She said she “just wanted[s] love.” Eboni continued, “So I would love my baby. I would like to love a man. I wish he would love me back, but where I’m not stuck anymore is like, ‘OK, we have to get married in 18 months.’

Now that the decision is made, Ebony admits to feeling more comfortable with his future. “It’s just that I kind of released [pressure],” she explained. “And I feel a lot more comfortable now. I feel less stressed and less rushed.


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