DJ Rishi Exciting Announcement

DJ Rishi Love recently teased a new upcoming song and it’s got his fans excited. The South African music producer’s next number “Take You” will be in collaboration with another great artist, JT Donaldson.

Rishi took to her official Instagram account and made the announcement. Sharing an exciting creation that mentions the names of both artists, she wrote: “Something Special is in the Works Ready Thyself”

While there isn’t much information available on the song yet, based on Rishi & Donaldson’s previous collabs, this one should be a dancefloor hitter, something that’s already taking it by storm. the market.

Keep an eye on Rishi Love’s social media for the release date because it’s ‘Coming Soon’

Rishi Love hit the music charts last year with his song “Groove is what I feel”. The track is inspired by his love for music and the feeling of love in general.

Speaking about the same, the producer had shared “When you hear a good track, you have this natural groove that starts within you. You can’t stop yourself from grooving, the same goes for love. It’s out of control. I have found that your surroundings make a huge difference during production, I have found myself facing the ocean while producing lately. The sounds of the ocean, the smells, the beautiful waves crashing in. collide, I find that very inspiring.

As mentioned above, Rishi Love is a multi-talented personality who also co-founded a streetwear brand with her partner and boyfriend Ryan Sexton. Repeating much the same, she said, “I am passionate about music and fashion. I’ve always thought the two go together. I am very ambitious, I always think that I can do better, that there must be more possibilities. That’s when I decided to start creating a streetwear brand. It was good. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, that’s advice I also like to pass on to my fellow artists.


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