Wait, WHY did Derek Jeter secretly wear a gold thong to a baseball game?!

Derek Jeter need to have a REALLY bad shot, okay? !

the old New York Yankees shortstop continued The show tonight on Wednesdays to hang out with the long-time host jimmy fallon. And while he was on set, the former Yankee great revealed something very interesting – and salacious – about his playing career!

At one point, Jeter sat down for a match with Fallon and the Singer Rita Ora. The game was called “True Confessions” and the three stars received two envelopes – one containing the truth and one containing a lie. Then they read the chosen envelope and the other two on stage have to figure out if they are lying or not.

Jeter went first, took the second envelope and read aloud:

“I once wore a thong in public in front of thousands of people.”

Hmmm…. wow!

Ora and Fallon were taken aback by the claim and both replied that they thought the story was false. But Jeter revealed otherwise, saying:

“It’s the truth.”


Jimmy was beside himself and said at one point:

“What are you talking about? What in the world?!”

So the superstar shortstop stepped in to tell the tale. As he recalls, it all happened in 2004, when he was going through a miserable depression at the plate one summer:

“I will ultimately regret playing this game, but let me explain. I had a new teammate that I played with in 2002, and he always had a gold thong hanging from his locker. And he said to me, ‘every time you wrestle, you wear the golden thong, you’re guaranteed to get a hit.’ Now I thought the guy was crazy. So, in 2004, I went through the worst offensive streak of my career. And every day I walked in, and he was pointing at the thong. So, finally, I wore the thong. It was not a thong against the skin. I had shorts underneath. So I put the thong over the shorts. First pitch, home run.

Yankee Doodle SHIT!!

But is it Actually TRUE?!?! After all, there is no way to verify it!

So, turns out the golden thong talk seems to be legit!! In a 2015 interview with the Newark Star Ledgerancient MLB slugger Jason Giambi – who played for the Yankees from 2002 to 2008 – explained that it was her golden thong. And he confirmed that he actually gave it to Jeter during a miserable meltdown in 2004!!

Giambi told the newspaper at the time:

“The golden thong is legendary. He never had success. Well, it was just, you know, it was his first seizure. I don’t think the guy ever crashed in his career. He is incredible. You know, the gold thong, he had to get rid of it.

The slugger also confirmed in that nearly eight-year-old interview that Jeter actually hit a home run on first pitch while wearing the gold thong:

“I never gave it to anyone. I would sometimes put it in their locker. Sometimes I would start mentioning that I’m going to give a gold thong if you don’t get out of this mess. Sometimes I would break it because they didn’t want to wear the gold thong. And most of the time it ended up in their locker. And everyone who wore it had a hit. I just know the first pitch, the home run and the crisis was over .

Well, how about that? ! A golden thong! Who knew??

You can see Jeter tell the whole story of Fallon’s late-night show (below):

[Image via Yankees Media/YouTube/The Tonight Show/YouTube]


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