Exclusive! Jane Fonda on the importance of female friendships, finding strength in difficult times and loving Tom Brady

Find out what drives Jane Fonda and why she saw a “sadness” in Tom Brady.

Jane Fonda don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“I’m a healthy, energetic person who loves life and feels there’s a lot to do. And I want to do everything I can,” said the award-winning actress and activist, whose cancer is on the way. remission.Parade.com in a new exclusive interview.

At 85, Fonda’s life has certainly been “full of memorable adventures”, and in 80 for Bradyshe launches into a great one alongside other Hollywood GOATs Lily Tomlin, Rita Morenoand Sally Field.

“We had such a great time,” Fonda said of directing the comedy, which hits theaters Feb. 3. “Of course Lily and I are old friends and I’ve known Sally since the 70s and have always wanted to work with her and have always been a fan of Rita. This experience has been really, really special for all of us. We just loved it.”

The movie about four best friends who go to Super Bowl LI to seeTom Bradywas inspired by true friendship. For Fonda, female friendships are “lifelines”. “Especially as you get older,” she pointed out.

Keep reading to learn more about Parade.comJane Fonda’s exclusive interview, including what she had to say about Tom Brady hours after the80 for Brady The actor and producer has announced his decision to retire from the NFL.

What is your approach to choosing projects? Is there something specific you are looking for when a project is presented to you?

First, you want a good yarn. And it seemed like a good story that the families could relate to. All kinds of people could identify with 80 for Bradybecause so many people love sports and people love friendships. People want to feel good, and I thought it was a feel-good movie that would make people happy when they come out. And I think we succeeded. I think it’s great to show that older women are big sports fans and could really get into it. I liked this idea. I thought it would be a hit movie, so I wanted to do it.

Are you a huge sports fan or are you a Brady fan?

I’m a Brady fan and a baseball [girl] …I’m baseball all the way, but I love Brady.

Rita Moreno, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field in “80 For Brady”

Paramount Pictures

Something I loved about this film was the celebration of female friendship. How important are these relationships to you?

I think they save lives, especially as you get older. You know, women tend to live longer than men, on average five years, and I think that has to do with the nature of female friendships. We tend to dig down to the soul level, and women aren’t afraid to ask for help, voice their weaknesses, and ask their girlfriends to be there for them. It’s a huge strength that women have, the understanding that we can ask for help and it’s not a show of weakness.

Vulnerability is a beautiful thing and being vulnerable with girlfriends is really, really helpful. And for cultural reasons, men tend not to. They don’t say, “I need a hug…I’m not feeling well, help me.” You know, they think it’s not fair to ask for help, and that’s such a shame. It hurts me that men don’t have that as much as women.

Have you always had a tight circle of girlfriends to turn to?

No no. No way. On the contrary. I didn’t understand the specialness and the value of friendship between women until my late 30s or 40s, I think. It took me a while.

What was this turning point for you when you realized this?

When I had a little girl.

How would your friends today describe you? Would you say you are the quarterback of your group of friends?

No way. No. No, I do not think so. We all had our different roles. I mean, Sally is like the mother hen. You know, it’s funny, because in the movie, she’s the one we all recognize as the most responsible and, you know, she is. She’s like a mother hen, and Rita is a firecracker, and Lily is so unique that it’s hard to put her in one of those categories… I have a real soft spot for Lily. I mean, I’m so lucky to have been able to work with her for so long because she’s… Lily can be on screen doing nothing and she makes you laugh and cry sometimes at the same time. time.

She made me cry in this movie.

Yes, she did it for me twice.

You all recently did a group interview where Sally called herself a hermit. How do you maintain friendships with friends who are admittedly reclusive like Sally Field?

I track them. I chase them, and Sally can attest to that. I will call her and call her until she comes to have a drink and laugh with me. But I really have to follow her. The same goes for Lily. You will have to call her and bring her to play.

Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin, Tom Brady, Jane Fonda and Sally Field on the set of ’80 For Brady’

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We all need a friend like you! Tom Brady may be football’s GOAT, but on this film he worked with four of Hollywood’s GOATs. Did he ask for acting advice on set?

He didn’t ask me! And watching the movie, I thought “Boy, oh boy, he’s good.” You know, when this morning he announced that he was retiring and I think he might have an acting career. You know, it’s a natural.

The scene with Lily and Tom at the end really pulls the chord.

LAW?! LAW?! It was pretty deep when he was talking about it, in that little scene with Lily when he talks about what football means to him and, you know, but it’s just a game. I just thought he was wonderful .

Did he let you and the actors know he was going to retire or were you just as surprised?

No! No, no, he didn’t. Although, you know, I looked at him and I thought… he looked sad. There’s something… his face was a little sad that night, and I wondered what I had seen. Because, you know, he was smiling and everything, because he knows what to do, it’s like a movie star. He knows how to handle red carpets and everything, but there seemed to be sadness.

What was it like working with him on this film?

Well, I didn’t really have a scene with him, but he came to my trailer and signed his jersey for me and I got weak in my knees, I have to admit. He walked into my trailer and the trailer suddenly became so small!

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You shared a scene with Rob Gronkowski. He’s a pretty big guy, too!

Oh, he’s so awesome. He’s fun and he’s funny and he’s nice. He gets a big laugh just as he smiles in the movie.

In 80 for Brady, there’s this scene where Lily’s character, Lou, tells Tom Brady that he gave her strength during her chemo. What gives you strength in difficult times in life?

It comes from within. I also have a habit of making friends with the things that scare me. I tend to wrap my arms around things that scare me and they become less scary.

These women embark on the whole adventure of the film. Is there a memorable adventure you have had or an adventure you would like to have?

My life has been so full of memorable adventures. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I feel so blessed.

Apart 80 for Bradyyou have Move on with Lily and Book Club: The Next Chaptercome out this year. Have you ever thought about slowing down, or is that not even a thought at this point?

It is not a deliberate thought. I mean, my life, my age might slow me down. Not yet, but no. I am a healthy, energetic person who loves life and feels there is a lot to do. And I want to do everything I can.


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