Lauren London thinks Wendy and Mia were to blame for their fight in Miami

Lawrence London

Lauren London holds Wendy Osefo responsible for fighting Mia in Miami

Lawrence London recently appeared on Watch what’s happening live and weighed in on the feud between The Real Housewives of the Potomac stars, Mia Thorton and Wendy Osefo.

Lawrence London

Cohen asked the you people actress what she thought of the season seven drama as she sat next door ORP Star Candice Dillard. The host asked, “Do you believe there is truth in tea charrisse talked about Karine?” This season, charrisse alleged that Karen Huger cheated on her husband Ray with a man with blue eyes.

Lawrence London replied, “Yeah. I hope not for Karen’s Sake. Again, I don’t know these women, so I don’t think charrisse is someone who just grabbed…” Andy finished, “Nowhere?” London added, “Okay.”

Andy Cohen

Bravo’s executive producer asked a follow-up question. “Reflections on by Charrisse to come back? Is she the real Grande Dame of the Potomac? lauren replied that she was happy that one of the OG stars from the first season returned. She replied, “I love Charrisse, and I was happy to see her again just because I started the show and she was one of the main ones…So I love seeing her again.”

The following question Andy asked concerned Mia and Wendy’s altercation during the cast’s trip to Miami.

Andy Cohen asked, “Which side were you on during the heated fight in Miami? Wendy or Mia?” lauren replied, “You know what? I think both should be responsible to oppose and be aggressive. So really none.

Lawrence London

at Lauren’s view of the quarrel between Mia and Wendy is similar to that of the “green-eyed bandits”. Robyne and Gizelle blame Wendy to annoy Mia with his words who they think is what caused Mia to attack him. lauren also shared that Robyn Dixon is his favorite The Real Housewives of the Potomac cast member.

Cohen asked the actress what she thought of “Robyne kind of wake up this season and be quicker to take on people? She answered, “Robyne is one of my favorites and I really like his way of approaching things. So I’m with that.

Watch the clip below:

Many fans chimed in on Twitter, fully supporting the beautiful actress.

One person wroteFirst of all where is the lie? She implied that Wendy was an antagonist. Idgaf about what she said about Mia because she was wrong for initiating the situation. my problem with lauren is she sitting on the WWHL and lying when Wendy was brought on by Big Foot, Robert & Gizzard Neck

Another one ORP fan tweetedWendy look at at the reunion but we haven’t forgotten how irritating she can be…..she shouldn’t have come to this trip PERIOD you all come to lauren London for not having amnesia is what should be a side eye”d

Lawrence London

A third noted: “You are really angry at the truth I see. Wendy was upsetting Mia, that’s the truth.

Lawrence London

Another person declaredMe and lauren saw the same thing, Wendy is very boring.

at Lauren’s opinions differ from those of others The Real Housewives of the Potomac stars, with the exception of Karinewho also thought Mia and Wendy were wrong. Ashley Darby and Candice Dillard says that Mia was completely at fault and felt she should have been able to handle the drama without getting physical.


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