Micah Banks and John Concepcion are not “disposable”

Micah Banksa producer, songwriter and radio personality from Hawaii, recruits Canadian John Concepcion for the song ‘Disposable.’

Born Micah Anthony Komine, the skilled talent grew up in Honolulu—between the Pacific Ocean. Micah took to the stage with the help of his personal dance crew. A veteran of his hometown radio, Komine’s first-ever performance earned him some notoriety. He is a remarkable charismatic personality to give direction to the public.

Micah Banks and John Concepcion are not disposable
Micah Banks (Photo by: Antonio J. Agosto)

A forerunner of having a street crew and getting a midnight event, Micah also enjoyed hanging out at Power radio 104.3 fm. From then on, he quickly became one of the hottest personalities in Hawaii. In March 2016, Micah Banks stepped up his musical game with debut single ‘Screenshot.’ It features vocals from his friend Tailz and Bay Area natives – P-Lo, Kool John and Mike Dashe. Later that year, in August, Banks shared ‘Want to.’

Five years later (2021) he delivered, alongside former singer of Los Angeles-based band 2 AM Club – Marc E. Bassey, a soothing pop-fusion’more than friends‘. In 2022, he shares two singles: ‘Easy‘ in February and ‘What went wrong‘ in October. In November, Micah Banks unveiled an 8-track album ‘Night in sorrow‘ in the world. The fifth single being ‘Disposable,’ is a 2-minute song composed by


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