Fans divided over ‘brutal’ format change

Dancing On Ice tonight saw a huge change to the show’s format revealed by hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The duo revealed there would be no skate-off tonight – and fans were divided.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in Dancing On Ice Tonight
Holly and Phillip announced some big news tonight (Credit: ITV)

Change of format for Dancing On Ice tonight

Tonight’s episode of Dancing On Ice is expected to be very different from other editions of the show.

Usually, at the end of each episode, the two least popular celebrities go head-to-head in the dreaded skate-off.

However, the skate-off will not take place on tonight’s edition of Dancing On Ice.

As revealed by the show’s hosts, Holly and Phillip, tonight’s elimination will be a little different than usual.

As the hosts explained, this week’s show will see the pairings marked by the judges, before being combined with the public vote as usual.

However, in a shocking twist, the couple downstairs tonight will simply be eliminated, with no chance to fight for their spot on the show during the skate-off.

As Holly has repeated, it’s “never been more important” for viewers to vote for their favorite couples tonight.

Ashley Banjo, Oti Mabuse, Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean in Dancing On Ice Tonight
The judges’ scores mean a lot more tonight. (Credit: ITV)

Dancing On Ice fans tonight divided over no skate-off

Viewers were divided over the news that there would be no skating tonight.

Some were not impressed.

“Annoyed by the lack of skate off tonight. Always love to see what songs couples get/choose for skate off routines,” one viewer of the ITV hit tweeted.

No skate off. No dot.

“No skate off. Not worth it,” grumbled another.

“It’s the 2nd week without skating the 2nd week, it’s ridiculous”, launched a third.

Dancing On Ice tonight the judges give their opinion to a couple as Holly and Phillip look on
Viewers called the move ‘brutal’ (Credit: ITV)

Fans share their thoughts on the lack of skate-off

Others, however, were enthusiastic about the prospect of no skate-off, with some calling it “brutal”.

“It’s brutal, there’s no skate off,” one viewer tweeted.

“No skate off tonight, it should be like this every week,” said another Dancing On Ice viewer.

“The lack of skate off means the judges’ notes are going to show exactly who they want off,” wrote a third.

“Is anyone ‘smoking’ about not skating tonight?” another asked.


Dancing On Ice continues Sunday February 5 on ITV1 and ITVX

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