Who is Luke Combs? Country singer’s hometown, wife and more

Luc Combes is taking the country music world by storm! The 32-year-old is a showstopper with countless accolades to his credit, including Billboard Music Awards Top Country Artist, Academy of Country Music Awards Album of the Year and CMT Performance of the Year. Music Awards. Keep scrolling to learn more about the singer.

Where is Luke Combs from?

Luke was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and later moved to Asheville when he was 8 years old. While attending school at Appalachian State University, he dropped out with less than a month to go to graduate to move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his career in music.

Is Luke Combs close to his parents?

Luke often posts photos of his parents on social media and gives them credit whenever he can. Over the years, he’s thanked his mom for being his “#1 fan” and done the same for his dad.

The “Beautiful Crazy” singer even helped his parents become financially stable enough to quit working. “I helped both of my parents retire, which has been a really amazing experience…and that decision was just about being able to spend more time with my parents as they get older, and watch it happen. hasn’t just been a joy for me but a great way for them to have financial freedom and the ability to get out there and experience some of these amazing things that I can do, you know, right by my side,” said he said CMT in July 2021.

Is Luke Combs married?

The country star is married to Nicole Hocking, a blonde beauty from Florida with a career in the music business. The two met through mutual friends and immediately clicked on their first date.

“[I knew] pretty close right now,” she said on the “Get Real with Caroline Hobby” podcast. “I saw the way he treated me and other people and it was like, ‘My heart is yours forever.'”

Luke popped the question in November 2018 and the couple tied the knot in August 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is Luke Combs wife

Does Luke Combs have children?

The couple announced they were expecting baby No. 1 in January 2022, while they welcomed their first child, a son named Tex Lawrence Combs, in June 2022.

Well, he decided that Father’s Day would be a good time to introduce himself. Couldn’t agree more,” Luke wrote alongside a photo of him, Nicole and Tex in the hospital after the baby was born via instagram. “Me and @nicolejcombs are ecstatic in love with this little guy. Mom and baby are healthy and we are now back home with the family. Life is Beautiful. Everyone welcomes Tex Lawrence Combs to the world!

What awards has Luke Combs won?

Luke won one of his first awards – Male Vocalist of the Year – at the 2019 CMAs. “It’s pretty amazing stuff,” Luke said at the time. The star was clearly emotional, adding, “Country music means everything to me…it means everything to me and my family.”

However, not everyone was happy with Luke’s victory, as people could be heard booing in the nosebleeds.

“People around me were trying to figure out if it was boo or woo,” an eyewitness said In touch. The Twitterverse was outraged and confused as to why such talent would be booed. “Are they booing LUKE COMBS!?!?!” Has the fucking CMA crowd lost their minds?????? an user tweeted.

Since then, Luke has won several trophies at the CMT Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards.

Additionally, he was nominated in the Country Album, Country Song, and Country Duo/Group Performance categories at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Does Luke Combs write his songs?

Powerhouse wrote and co-wrote many of his hit songs. He wrote “Beautiful Crazy” for his future wife even before they were an article. He also wrote “She Got the Best of Me”, “Hurricane” and several other beloved jams. This country star really has our hearts!


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